Investors lost a whopping $830 billion in crypto crash last week

23 May, 2021, 03.33 PM IST

Bitcoin lost nearly half of its total value, bankrupting many of those who invested in it. Other coins also followed suit, crashing as much as 63 per cent in the last seven days. In essence, crypto investors lost a whopping $830 billion in the blowout last week.

NFT enthusiasts hold firm despite crypto price plunge

21 May, 2021, 10.08 AM IST

NFT prices are normally listed on marketplaces in ether, meaning sellers may adjust prices higher to keep them constant in dollars. But with ether still trading a third off recent record highs, NFT values in dollars will have fallen sharply.

Supreme Court steps up

30 Apr, 2021, 07.29 PM IST

From Supreme Court warning government over social media clampdown, to Crypto miners brawling with gamers and Amazon tripling its profits, here’s a quick look at the top tech news today.

Crypto miners, gamers brawl over chips amid shortage

30 Apr, 2021, 11.54 AM IST

Peel away the silicon layers and it turns out, graphics cards and computer processors are at the heart of it. These have become so scarce that two communities — gamers and cryptocurrency whales — are at loggerheads over who gets them and how many.


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