April 11 Bless Your Heart

Bless our hearts. If we were given a stimulus to take the COVID-19 vaccine then a lot of people who are hesitant would not be. That’s a terrible thing but it’s the truth.

When I moved to Greenville 30 years ago, the shopping was very limited so I drove to Raleigh to shop. Then, over time, new stores and restaurants came to town so no more trips to Raleigh. Now, it seems the trend is reversing itself with the closing of stores like Steinmart and Pier One. More closures may be in the pipeline because some of the stores now have very limited inventory on their shelves.

Just wondering, what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? BYH.

BTH of all of the maskless shoppers at Lowe’s on Thomas Langston on April 8. I wear a mask to protect you. Please be considerate and reciprocate by also wearing one to protect me, as well.

Bless the hearts of small business owners and restaurant managers. They hang “help needed” signs on their doors begging for willing workers all the while our government encourages workers to stay home drawing healthy unemployment checks. If you show up at an open restaurant or small business expecting superb service only to find tired and overworked staff, please be kind.

BYH to the first generation ECU children. Does ECU know what the percentage of first-gen students was there 20 or 30 years ago? Was it that different? Seems like a scheme to further inflate ECU’s bureaucracy and payroll.

Bless my heart. I really hate it for Tiger, but if I’m going twice the speed limit and trash someone else’s car, then I would be ticketed and or arrested.

BYH, nothing should go back to normal. Normal wasn’t working. If we go back to the way things were, we would have lost the lesson. May we rise up and do better.

No BYH to the writer who said they would give $100 for every voter with no picture ID of any sort. Let me introduce you to my mom who is in assisted living, hasn’t had a driver’s license in years, but still votes every election. Of course, you Republicans don’t want her to vote, you’ve been trying to attack her Medicare and Social Security for years. I’ll take my $100 in bitcoin, please.

BYH to those that think businesses pay taxes. The people that buy their products and services pay the taxes. When a business receives a tax increase they either pass it on to the consumer or lay off employees. And who pays for the benefits that the laid-off employees receive? We consumers. We saw a few years ago the results of lower taxes and fewer restrictions on businesses: more jobs and a better economy.


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