Shaun Bailey listed the failures of his opponent and said he offered a “fresh start” from Sadiq Khan who he claimed has not met his targets for London since his election. Mr Bailey said his background as a youth worker and experience with being homeless set him apart from the political crowd which made him more real. The Conservative politician is hoping his campaign of tackling homelessness and boosting housing for younger people will win him the London mayoral election on May 6. 

TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer continued by saying that some have been critical of Sadiq Khan and his “posturing” and pointed out his political campaigning.

Ms Hartley-Brewer discussed the New Year’s Eve fireworks and the “mud-slinging” between Mr Khan and Donald Trump.

The radio host said: “I think a lot of people frankly have lost faith in politicians of any sort, of any political party, to actually tackle some of these real issues, why do you think you’re different?”

Mr Bailey replied: “I’m not a politician, I arrived came from being homeless, unemployed and being a youth worker and I got involved in poverty because I wanted to see that change too.

“And you’re correct, the posturing from Sadiq Khan hasn’t solved any of London’s challenges.

“Look, for instance, we’ve had so many teenagers die on the roads of London, only yesterday that he did anything extra to the police.

“We’ve been begging him for over a year to support the police in London.

“He hadn’t given any housing, only 11,000 houses that people couldn’t actually afford to buy.

Mr Bailey replied: “I have a fresh start to offer London, let’s remember how we got here, record levels of crime, poor transport and low housing numbers.

“London needs change, so what I’ve done is come up with a ten-point plan to get us on the road back to change.

“And I know that your listeners are from all over the nation, and let me tell you what’s important to them as well.

“(London is) a big part of the economy, we to do our part, we cannot do that under Sadiq Khan, so we need to get this fresh start and help the country get back to work and help us pay our bills altogether.”

Mr Bailey’s ten-point plan includes building shared properties costing £100,000 with a £5,000 deposit.