Right now, the hottest thing that the entire internet is talking about is Bitcoin. Everyone wants some or a part of the ultra-scarce cryptocurrency. The FOMO is real. But let’s face it, Bitcoin is expensive now. Many people would require an entire year’s salary just to afford one coin.

But there’s now a much more fun way to win Bitcoins instead, right from your PC, Mac, or smartphone. All with the help from BIG2.WIN. Here’s how to play this exciting and fast-paced card game for a chance to win big.

How To Play BIG2.WIN For Your Chance To Win BTC

BIG2.WIN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform from Costa Rica-based Penfield Entertainment SRL featuring the game Big 2 (known in Chinese as (大老二 or 鋤大D). It offers unique bonuses and a chance to win Bitcoin by battling other players. To get started, it takes only a few minutes and clicks, along with an email address, username, and password – nothing more. 

After registration, players can gather together to battle for Bitcoin with any device containing an HTML5-capable browser. BIG2.WIN’s reliable in-browser gaming technology works consistently no matter the platform, with players ranging from Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac, and more.

Due to the diverse variety of devices able to access and play BIG2.WIN, thousands of players are online at any given moment – meaning there’s always a game ready to be joined 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Up to four players face off against one another, with each player being dealt 13 cards tasked with the goal of getting rid of the entire hand before the competition does. Leftover cards in the hands of the losing player will earn the winner a point each. Any player, unfortunately, left with more than nine cards will lose twice the number of points. You can learn more about the game’s full set of official rules at the BIG2.WIN website. 

Those new to BIG2.WIN can try the card game for free, while more experienced or bolder players can bet up to five different stake levels of mBTC for a chance to win the full pie worth of Bitcoin.

Here are the currently staking levels:

Stake Level mBTC per Point

Free     0.00000 mBTC

Level 1 0.02000 mBTC

Level 2 0.20000 mBTC

Level 3 0.40000 mBTC

Level 4 1.20000 mBTC

Level 5 2.00000 mBTC

BIG2.WIN is certified fair by iTech Labs, one of the leading accredited testing labs for the certification of online gaming systems worldwide. The platform utilizes a cryptographically secure Random Number Generator created as per the UK Gambling Commission’s standards. Depositing BTC is easy BIG2.WIN, and withdrawals are just as simple – BIG2.WIN gives you total flexibility. 

Big BTC Bonuses For Depositing To Play On BIG2.WIN, Much More

As part of an incredible and exciting promotion, BIG2.WIN will match your Bitcoin deposits of up to 50mBTC by 100% for a limited time. That means BIG2.WIN gives you free Bitcoin to play with for a chance to win much more. The bonus period lasts starting 90 days from account creation, letting new users maximize their chances. Additional bonuses of 0.20 mBTC are also unlocked for every 1 mBTC paid in rake fees.

BIG2.WIN also has a robust affiliate program that allows users to earn commissions for bringing in their friends, family, and peers. Referrals range from 10% to 20% paid out monthly. BIG2.WIN even offers a VIP Club with a personalized account manager for elite users. For those interested in learning more about BIG2.WIN and the chance to play to win Bitcoin, visit the website to try the demo, or jump right in and play now!

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