Kryptoro, an advanced crypto-currency trading and arbitrage platform, announces its official launch within the coming weeks and invites both expert and novice traders to sign up and enter the world of arbitrage and trading. Additionally, Kryptoro will launch the world-first zero-fee private blockchain that will focus subscription-enabling smart contracts. This will be a true game-changer, as transaction fees have now become too exorbitant on the Ethereum and Bitcoin network.

The Kryptoro exchange

The Kryptoro team is introducing a new model of exchanges: Its own cutting-edge, profit-making arbitrage exchange. This type of exchange will connect other high-profile trading exchange platforms, ie, Binance, Luno, Kraken, Bitfinex and Coinbase, and enable Kryptoro users to trade on any of them, or between them, all in one easy-to-use dashboard. This new type of platform, a utopia for many, addresses various real world, current problems, such as low liquidity, high trading fees and the infamous “not your keys – not your crypto” problem.

The platform consists of:

  • The trading board with charts integrated from TradingView, the most well-known live quote provider platform.
  • The market panel, where traders can choose their desired crypto-currency pair, or analyse at the crypto sector heat map.
  • The portfolio panel, where users can manage their holdings.
  • The news panel, where users can see the latest traditional and social media posts, as well as track any events they have planned.
  • The arbitrage panel, where users can manually or automatically (by using API keys) trade their favourite crypto-currency pair on any exchange available on Kryptoro.

It is important to note that Kryptoro values its customers’ privacy and security, which is why the platform will give full access to the users’ private keys.

Kryptoro will work on a subscription-based model, which will allow users to trade with greatly reduced or no transaction fees at all using its native KTO token. The KTO token looks to skyrocket in value over the coming months, as it is needed for use in the zero transaction blockchain as a store of value.

The monthly platform subscription is set to be $7 at launch. Crypto experts globally have expressed views that buying into Kryptoro now is like buying into Bitcoin in 2011, as the KTO protocols are set to disrupt the entire crypto industry and is welcomed as a much-needed messiah for remittance democratisation.

Kryptoro world-first zero-fee crypto-currency

One of the major flaws of traditional smart contracts is that they cannot properly work with recurring payments – such as subscriptions. Kryptoro has created its own private blockchain that will be specifically created to handle recurring payments. Zero-fee crypto-currency transactions are so far unheard of, and Kryptoro’s blockchain will be the first project in the world to achieve such a thing.

The crypto-currency transactions done via the Kryptoro network will have absolutely no transaction fees, as the company will embrace all the costs of transaction validation.

Kryptoro’s aim is to approach and ultimately support subscription-based businesses such as Spotify and Netflix.