Gerald Celente

Currencies Will Be Worthless, Buy Precious Metals – Gerald Celente

ROBERT STEELE: Read the whole thing. My comments are below.

Gerald, whose work I consider very important as a point of reference but not at all  the oracle that a fawning Greg Hunter embraces, makes three important points; I think he is wrong on all three.

I am not a financial advisor but I am one of the top minds combining holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything (both Intelligence and Engineering) so I offer my opinion.

01 Currencies are worthless, buy precious metals.

PROBLEM: The problem with precious metals is that there are 600 gold certificates for every ounce of real gold, 599 are going to come up empty handed, a variation of naked short selling. Also there is an enormous amount of fake gold with tungsten.

OPPORTUNITY: The silver market is rigged, and silver is also one of the most valuable metals for all manner of complex operations, as is copper, and neither is counterfeited at this point. Waterfront land, on a large lake that is NOT going down a meter a year, or on a river close to the headwaters, is what I look at.

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02 Bitcoin is young people’s gold BUT digital coin is too easy to tax in hidden ways.

PROBLEM: Although some including the Bank of Cambodia and Soramitsu have cracked the latency (speed) of mining BitCoin, it still an energy pig — just one BitCoin miner in China spends $11 million a month on energy — and also being manipulated by perhaps six whales possibly including the CIA and probably including  the Rothschilds.

OPPORTUNITY: BitCoin is a precursor to a federated distributed Earth Dollar or EarthCoin or localized tokens that are fully transparent at the county or district level, possibly combined with the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax collected at the county level (we end top-down printing and borrowing of money). I strongly prefer a template for CountyCoin that has premium value when earned and spent within the County and loses some value, including a transparent tax, when spent outside the County.

03 The economy is on a decidedly downward trend.

PROBLEM: No, it is not. The superficial cubicle rat predatory Western economy that is 50% waste and 90% profit for banks has been tanked, and major industries including travel, transport, gyms, and hospitality have been tanked, and that is a good thing.

OPPORTUNITY:  Localization is back and urban farming (converting supermarkets into vertical farms and parks is also achievable. If localization is combined with the reinstatement of state control over the 80% of the land unconstitutionally confiscated from the sovereign states on a “do no harm” basis that also ends absentee landlords and places county level communities in charge of their own land in perpetuity,

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we have a solid foundation for building a new economy centered on the one-income family, multi-generational households, pocket neighborhoods, county level self-sufficiency in water, energy, food, and health; and Constitutional Sheriffs as the ultimate law enforcement authority, serving and protecting their flock — with local pastors, doctors, and lawyers — against unconstitutional encroachment  by federal, state, and local officials who have been bribed, blackmailed, or brainwashed into serving the 1% and the Deep State.

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In The Steele Report for Monday, 15 February 2021 I write to Galactic Federation and Earth’s Emergence as a Free Planet. I suspect Gerald, whom I respect as a man of intelligence, integrity, and imagination, has thoughts on this but has chosen not to expose himself to ridicule from morons that cannot comprehend the larger possibilities. We are at the end of an era of hundreds if not thousands of centuries in which Earth has been nothing more than a gold mine in Colorado, in a cosmic sense, with multiple slave races planed by multiple stellar civilizations. We are on the verge of becoming One Earth, not in the New World Order sense but in the integrated loving noosphere sense. Our Earth economy is going to BOOM and we will no longer be subject to predation including inter-stellar trafficking in humans.  So I believe, like it or not.

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