US Dollar to Macau Pataca Spot Exchange Rates for 2021

USD MOP Historical Chart for Year 2021

2021 Chart

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US Dollar and Macau Pataca

Below is a table showing 3 days of historical exchange rates data for the year of 2021, covering the US Dollar (USD) to Macau Pataca (MOP) conversion.

Converting US Dollar (USD) to Macau Pataca (MOP) in 2021 with the best, worst and average exchange rates of the year

Table of 1 US Dollar to Macau Pataca Exchange Rate: Last Updated: 04/01/21 13:44

January 2021

Lowest exchange rate in 2021: 7.9835 MOP, Highest exchange rate in 2021: 8.0238 MOP, Average exchange rate in 2021: 7.997 MOP

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