Meet Frisco’s 8 Year Old CEO, Taj Crawford

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The global pandemic has caused many businesses to downsize or shut down. But for 8 year old Taj Crawford, the pandemic has led to the creation of a deliciously sweet business, Taj Candyland.

On May 31st, 2020, Taj Candyland began as an in-home candy store and Frisco’s newest — and perhaps youngest — black-owned business. A simple concept with big potential, what was it that inspired the Taj’s business? He shares,

I told my parents I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to make my own money and to save it so I could buy BitCoin stock and a Lamborghini. I thought about making Lego sets and selling them to my friends and then making pokemon sets but one day I thought…

“Candy makes everyone happy, and I want to make everyone happy.”

So, he asked his parents if he could sell candy. His mother applied for a permit, his dad got all of the candy, they set it up, and passed out flyers a week before opening. Taj began creating candy-filled gift boxes and favor bags themed for all occasions; birthdays, sports, hospital visits, and more.

Taj Candyland Frisco TX

His neighborhood was great at supporting the new biz. Even the school nurse, assistant principal, the 2nd-grade teachers, and the 3rd grade teachers from Smith Elementary stopped by over the summer to support him.

If you haven’t noticed already, Taj is not an ordinary 8 year old kid. In addition to launching and running his own business, Taj loves to give back. Taj displays a big heart for his community by not only serving them “to make them happy” but he also has shown a great commitment towards giving to local nonprofit organizations

Over the summer I donated 10% of my proceeds to charities and non profit organizations weekly but now we donate quarterly. I love giving back because I’m blessed and have received so much from my family, close friends, the Frisco community, and people I don’t even know. Some places I have donated to were Lupus Research Alliance, Frisco Food Pantry, After School All Stars in Dallas, NAACP, Alzheimer’s Foundation, No Guts All Glory, Habitat for Humanity, and I donated school supplies the week before school started.

— Taj Crawford, owner of Taj Candyland

Taj also enjoys being creative in the distribution of his sweet treats. Due to COVID-19, he asked his parents is he could make “Grab and Go” bags to make it easier to pass out candy to trick or treaters last month.

Taj Crawford Frisco

Taj Crawford, founder and owner, Taj Candyland

He also made “Halloween Buckets and Bags” for the kids who were unable to go trick or treating so they wouldn’t miss out on all the yummy sweets. He modified his logo to reflect a Halloween theme and shipped over 25 Buckets throughout the United States. This Christmas, he plans to modify his logo again to continue the creativity.

I’m thinking about making candy stockings for Christmas. That would be so cool to wake up to a stocking full of candy on Christmas. My most popular candy box is my Birthday Boxes. I fill them up with either my favorite candy, or whatever candy they request, and my mother helps me decorate them so they’re fun and festive. I’ve made candy boxes for Teachers called the “Teacher’s Secret Stash” with a mixture of all the candy and a box full of all chocolate called “Chocolate Lovers”.

It’s evident Frisco’s youngest entrepreneur is focused, hard-working, and enjoying life as a business owner. When asked what’s next for Taj Candyland, he shared,

I plan to keep selling candy, making candy boxes, building my brand, learning about saving my money, and giving back. My mom started an IG account (@iamTaj_007) for me so people that  can follow my journey. I also have a brand new website —!

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Are you ready for a sweet treat? Do you know someone who would appreciate a whimsical and delicious surprise from Taj Candyland?

Connect with Taj online, place a sweet order, and support a Frisco kid who is clearly going places!

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