Bloomberg gold and market analyst Ed van der Walt, who tweeted Bitcoin a few days ago, said, “Gold is dead,” in a statement he made on his Twitter account. Walt told his followers a few days ago, “Teach me, what is BTC good for?” she asked.

Ed van der Walt, who wrote gold and market articles at Bloomberg, announced the death of gold with a post he made on his official Twitter account today. Walt, who simply wrote “Gold is dead,” shared a graphic in support of his view. Bloomberg analyst revealed the idea of ​​the precious mine, which is seen as the number one safe investment with its 1-month gold chart.


Gold has met with investor interest, just like Bitcoin, with the impact of the coronavirus on the economy. People saw gold as a safe haven, as it has been for a long time, and invested in gold for the future. With the acceleration of the gold pandemic, it saw record levels on an ounce basis in August. BTC also largely adapted to the movements of gold through October. But as things have deteriorated for gold in recent months, Bitcoin has begun to shine and the fit has deteriorated greatly. Now gold is declared dead even by gold analysts; Bitcoin started to move step by step to $ 20,000.

“Gold is dead, tell me about Bitcoin”

This success of Bitcoin will have attracted the attention of Bloomberg analyst, who announced that gold is dead today; Walt recently shared a tweet showing that he was curious about Bitcoin. Ed van der Walt posted 2 days ago on his Twitter account “Teach me. What is Bitcoin used for? ” shared a post that wrote. Walt’s tweet received nearly 2,000 likes, while over 1,700 people replied.

Among the respondents to Walt’s BTC tweet was famous on-chain analyst Willy Woo. Woo answered the question “What is Bitcoin used for?” By saying, “When you hold BTC in your hand, you are already taking advantage of its economic features.”

SwanBitcoin founder and BTC supporter Brandon Quittem stated that Bitcoin responds to everything that is loved about gold. Quittem, which counts these features as limited supply, no leader, global, durable; He also talked about the unique features of Bitcoin. According to Quittem, these consist of features such as delivering the desired amount of Bitcoin to anywhere in the world at the speed of light.

Bitcoin does not allow gold

Trader and investor Cantering Clark, who has more than 35 thousand followers on Twitter, also revealed the situation of gold against Bitcoin. Clark shared a chart comparing the performance of BTC and gold, commenting “hard to believe”. In the face of entities moving in opposite directions, Clark commented on old technology against new technology. Clark added that Bitcoin does not even allow gold to exist.

Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, took a humorous approach to the decline of gold. “True friends do not allow their friends to buy gold,” wrote Silbert in his tweet.