Bitcoin (BTC) has set a new record, now surpassing $ 19,000 after exceeding the $ 18,000 level recently. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has been continuing its rise for several weeks. BTC is now rapidly moving towards its target of an all-time high, surpassing $ 19,000. The cryptocurrency community is very pleased with this move by BTC. Most analysts and commentators are very optimistic in their statements that the new ATH is approaching.

Correction Probability

The decline of Bitcoin after the day it first hit $ 18,000 was interpreted by analysts as a correction. But some analysts think this correction will continue. Bitcoin has been consolidating for the past few days. But today it is on the rise again, breaking a new annual record.

BTC also surged in terms of market capitalization in the previous days and remained at number one on the list of largest banks for a while.