Sean Lennon said: “In an ocean of destruction that was this year, I find bitcoin to give me a kind of optimism, to be honest.” Talking about the paradigm shift that bitcoin is having on the world of finance and the implications for society Mr Keiser said: “Bitcoin is the first medium of exchange that promotes peace over violence because it is un-confiscatable.” Mr Keiser added: “ for the first time in history separates the State from money.

“Wealth has always been the State’s money, or the king’s money.

“It has always been centralised.

“It is like when the separation happened between the State and the church, you had a remarkable revolution of thought.”

According to Mr Keiser the world is seeing another huge revolution of thought with the separation of money and State that bitcoin enables.

The world’s pre-eminent crypto-currency is undergoing a soaring bull run with the price per coin increasing by 43 percent in this month alone.

Mr Lennon suggested ordinary people could use bitcoin as a more secure asset than gold.

He said: “If people had gold they would have to carry it in a sack and someone could steal that from.”

The musician who played guitar and provided lyrics to the opening music for the Orange Pill podcast said: “Bitcoin transcends the physical world, ordinary people can sleep soundly knowing their wealth is more secure than it would be if it was invested in gold.

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Speaking of the cryptocurrencies’ potential to change the balance of wealth and power in the world, Mr Keiser said: “With bitcoin, there will be a quantum leap in thinking, once you get it you can’t unsee it.

“Lying dormant in everyone’s mind is the ability to take on everything bitcoin has to offer.”

He added: “When we have a critical mass of people on the bitcoin vibration it will be awoken.

“We will have a quantum shift in consciousness that we will never go back from.”