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Norfolk resident scammed out of $13,000

A Norfolk County resident was scammed out of $13,000 after receiving a call from someone spoofing the Norfolk County OPP Detachment.

Police say the victim organically received a call from someone claiming to be with Ontario Services saying there was a problem with the victim’s Social Insurance Number.

The victim failed to provide the full SIN number and the caller indicated that police would be contacting them to discuss the incident further.

A call that appeared to be coming from the OPP Detachment in Simcoe immediately came in and someone claiming to be OPP officer Marshall with badge number 417J2977 began talking.

During the course of the conversation, the victim felt threatened and attended a bitcoin machine located in the London area and sent about $13,000. The victim soon realized that this was in fact a scam and contacted police at around 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 19.

The Norfolk County OPP is urging everyone to be vigilant and to be aware that scammers are using call spoofing technology, which means that the scammer program the call display to show the OPP’s detachment number of 519-426-3434 or the non-emergency number of 1-888-310-1122. In some cases the call display may read “Ontario Provincial Police.”

Police will never request this information over the phone and will not request payment for services.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

A 19-year-old and 17-year-old, both of Oxford County, are facing charges after being stopped by the Haldimand/Norfolk Community Street Crime Unit on Norfolk Street North in Simcoe.

Police say the vehicle attracted an officer’s attention and was stopped for investigation.

The driver and passenger were both taken into custody after a quantity of methamphetamine and cocaine were seized.

The 19-year-old female driver and a 17-year-old passenger were both charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine and possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine.

Licence plates stolen

Both licence plates were stolen from a vehicle in the early hours of Nov. 20. The vehicle was parked at a Peel Street, Delhi, address.