Jonnyboy85 wrote:

mrmomo wrote: “Even the company’s own insiders are dumping the stock at market prices, that’s WHY this isn’t going anywhere, ANYTIME soon……apart from the reason there’s absolutely NO REASON to buy this over any of the BETTER plays such as Riot, Marathon, Hut 8 & even Hive (which isn’t even a pure Bitcoin play). When you see such garbage as Bitfarms OURPERFORMING your stock you know things arent too good. Those HUGE seller walls you guys see day in & day out are INSIDERS dumping NOT daytrading penny flippers. That’s how very little most of the fools on this board or investors that hold this stock know about this company. The market still has to absorb over 50M+ shares from insiders, which is currently being dumped for over the last two months. UNTIL this is churned out completely OR the company release something significant news OR mgmt does what i said they needed to do………these shares WILL NEVER get soaked up by the market and will stay overhung over the company’s stock for a very long time. Like an albatross or a bad stench that never goes away. I figure you guys can at least add 2 & 2 together and figure out how long it will take aborb 50m+ unwanted shares. Or maybe i’m asking a bit too much brain function from some of the delirious folks on this board………

This is the situation folks, whether you like it or not. Anyone who’s says different is either ignorant, decietful or just plain pumping for absolutely no reason. So until they institute what i stated in my previous post, this stock aint going nowhere. For those that still disagree, mabye you could have Cryptocrap’s resident pumpers Otto “Van Bismark” Trotsky & BelowAverageWhiteguy make the stock move by buying up all that wonderfull stock at these bargain prices with all that green they have……..”

I think i’ll bump up my own post because i feel it’s VERY RELEVENT for those new investors full of FOMO & money to invest looking for some exposure to Bitcoin. I’ll say this AGAIN, this company should NOT be your PRIMARY investment to BITCOIN. ONLY invest here IF you have money TO LOSE. In addition, ANYONE NEW coming on here should read MY recent posts here on this company BEFORE actually investing in this.

On a side note……”Holy F’n Hell Batman look at the massive dumping by insiders AGAIN today as retail gets sucked in……….must be the Peguin!

Good luck to all


Wow !! more money being made writting harry potter than this sad pathetic story!!