Bitcoin Cash are currently working on Scalenet and Testnet 4, Double spend proofs, Bitcoin Verde, Faster Transaction propagation, and a few other stuff. It just looks like they are much energized and are working on lot of stuff.

Reportedly, BCH do not have a road map that is obvious per se, but the developers are committed to what they are working on.  The blockchain space is evolving and BCH are working to evolve to suit the needs. They are having adoption as their main goal.

Bitcoin Cash are focused on coming up with products which will be liked and used by customers.  They are trying to come up with new features with excellent merchant solutions and customer care solutions.  By such products, they are looking to onboard several hundreds and thousands of users.  For this to happen there need to be more of investors and developers.

About the recent fork, one of the developers stated, I’ve tried hard to listen to the people on both sides of the Bitcoin Cash fork. They whole time, both sides said the same thing about each other. And now both sides are celebrating a successful split. I say cheers to a swift healing! We all got what we wanted. I love this space.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Several BCH community members see new opportunities facilitated by the recent fork. It just looks like Epic times for the community.”

Some of the community members expressed that they have rejected a corruption of the protocol, removed power from the centralized dev team, and rejected a centralized website.  They have also upgraded the difficulty adjustment algorithm to significantly improve on the BCH technology.  Thus, the Bitcoin Cash hash rate will now remain stable without very large oscillations.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Negative Sentiments

Some of them felt that Roger Ver should use this forking opportunity to rebrand Bitcoin Cash to Trash.

Some of them feel that things will get interesting when Binance open open their BCHA wallets. It was trading much high against Tether on Binance than coinexcom.  Binance only has the single trading pair and is not trading the two new coins against each other.

They are also waiting to see as to where the dormant hash will go. Many feel Bitcoin ABC will definitely get a decent bump, at least to unlock those new coins. Also, Bitcoin Cash Node will begin to see for the first time just how much competition it has. By all means what has happened looks like a historic milestone.