World Famous Rapper Joins Cryptocurrency Caravan

The world-famous successful rapper Logic announced that he purchased $ 6 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC). Logic states that he acts with the philosophy of YOLO (You only live once).

He has made such sudden decisions before. The famous rapper reportedly purchased a rare first-edition Charizard Pokémon card for $ 226,000 at a live auction last month. Logic changed his Twitter account name to Bobby Bitcoin after his investment.

In July, Logic signed an exclusive deal with Twitch. As part of their deal, it will have to broadcast weekly over a set period of time. The announcement of the Twitch deal came after she announced that her sixth studio album, No Pressure, would be her last album. “It’s been a great decade,” says Logic. Now is the time to be a great father ”.

Logic Announces on Instagram

Famous rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall, who used “Logic” as his stage name, took a video from his Instagram account and announced that he bought $ 6 million worth of Bitcoin last month. This investment of Logic seems to have been quite profitable considering the increase in Bitcoin over the last 1 month.

Recently, star actress Maisie Williams, who shines as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, announced that she invested in Bitcoin.

Public Interest Has Not Soared Yet

While other celebrities like Logic and TikTok star Bryce Hall are buying Bitcoin, public interest is not yet on the rise, according to Google Trends. Google Trends shows that search interest in the term “Bitcoin” and other crypto-related terms is still at its lowest in several years.

Analysts hope the real rally will begin once retail investors start to enter the market.

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