Sold Hundreds of Thousands of Lira Car for 0.4 Bitcoin

A famous name sold his 2007 model Chevrolet Suburban to buy 0.4 Bitcoins. While the Bitcoin price has increased to the level of $ 18,000, the number of people who want to buy BTC also seems to have increased. Who do you think this famous name, who sells his car for about 7 thousand dollars?

This car, which is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and sold for Bitcoin, is owned by Jason Williams, founding partner of the famous investment company Morgan Creek Digital. Williams announced on Twitter that he sold his car to buy Bitcoin. Sharing a photo of his black Chevrolet, Williams said in his post:

“I sold my car for 0.4 Bitcoin. I feel like I am doing something right. We’ll see.” said.

According to the information reported in Cointelegraph, it was said that if the price of Bitcoin exceeds $ 130,000, Williams could have sold his 13-year-old Chevrolet Suburban for a new model car.

According to the data of car trading site, the value of the 2007 model Chevrolet Suburban is currently around 7 thousand dollars. According to the information on Chevrolet’s official website, the value of the vehicle’s 2021 model is over $ 51,000.

Another vehicle could sell it

A lot of comments came from users to the post made by Williams. One of them asked Williams, “Do you have a different and nice vehicle that you can think of selling for around $ 15-18 thousand?” she asked. “I’d probably sell that red truck,” Williams points to the photo below. said.


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