The CIO of BlackRock made some comments on Bitcoin in a program broadcast on CNBC. The CIO said in the program that he believes Bitcoin is not a temporary thing.

Rick Rieder, CIO of investment giant BlackRock, made some comments about Bitcoin. Rieder, who was a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box program, was asked if governments would try to regulate BTC as the Bitcoin price continued to rise. Rick Reider expressed his belief that Bitcoin is not temporary but permanent, in the following words:

“I think Bitcoin is not temporary. So am I a Bitcoin bull? I cannot say that I have much of a place in my corporate or business portfolios. ”

According to U.Today’s reports, Rick Reider also said that Bitcoin could replace gold and made the following comment:

“Do I think Bitcoin is a strong and durable mechanism that can replace gold? Yes, because it has better functionality than going around with gold nuggets. ”

In Coindesk’s report, the Squawk Box program also touched on the CBDC issue and Rick Reider expressed his belief that the sensitivity of generation Y to technology and cryptocurrency is real. According to Reider, digital payment systems are as real as this sensitivity.

Does BlackRock have Bitcoin?

BlackRock, the largest shareholder of Microstrategy, is a New York-based investment management company. BlackRock has the world’s largest asset manager position according to the report for the last quarter of 2019, with assets of $ 7.4 trillion. Money According to CNN’s data, BlackRock company owns 14.79% of Microstrategy shares. In some previous reports, it was said that the BlackRock company indirectly partnered with Bitcoins owned by Microstrategy.