At least 70 percent of millions will own Bitcoin before 2023

A survey of dollar millionaires revealed that at least 70 percent of these people will own Bitcoin before 2023.

According to the survey conducted by Devere Group; 73 percent of the rich who are dollar millionaires will definitely invest in cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP before the end of 2022. Some of this audience stated that they have already invested in cryptocurrencies. It was noteworthy that the survey results came with BTC exceeding $ 18,000.

Devere Group, an independent financial advisory firm, asked over 700 customers of cryptocurrencies from all over the world with a balance of more than $ 1 million.

Nigel Green, CEO and founder of Devere Group, said the following regarding the survey:

“Bitcoin has increased by 125 percent since the beginning of the year and once again became the best performing asset of the year. This good performance has started to attract the attention of the rich people of the world. These people know that digital money is the future and they don’t want to be in the past ”

The company, which conducted the same survey last year, announced that the rate of customers who have invested in cryptocurrencies or want to do so in the coming years was around 68 percent at that time.

Green stated that customers who participated in the survey have no doubt that institutional investors have recently seen the interest in cryptocurrencies and said:

“Our clients received institutional investor attention, including some Wall Street banks, who saw the magnitude of the profit margins offered by the digital world. PayPal started cryptocurrency services. Names like Bill Miller and Paul Tudor Jones comment that Bitcoin can surpass gold. These are developments that no one can ignore ”

“Bitcoin will come out of incentive packages”

Stating that investors have started to shift to Bitcoin due to long-term inflation concerns, Green said, “We can say that Bitcoin has now become a legal entity. With the stimulus packages that will come due to the crisis, people will switch to Bitcoin for fear of inflation. “These emergency measures and policies such as printing will continue to lower the value of traditional currencies such as the dollar,” he said.

Saying “The borders are rising in the world, everyone is getting digital”, Green also emphasized the importance of crypto and digital currencies:

“The lack of borders now makes trade much easier in the global world. New generations have already switched to digital. These coins are perfectly suitable for this world. Rich people do not want to lose the money of the future. They are now recalibrating their portfolios to include digital currencies ”

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