Stellar Lumens (XLM) Exploring Scaling Remittances on Stellar Stigma around Cryptocurrencies and Lot more

Jed McCaleb, when talking about Stellar Lumens (XLM) pointed to how they are trying to build the open infrastructure.  The infrastructure on which they are expecting to have people build on and use.  This infrastructure according to Jed is something that they do not own and on how no one owns it. 

Jed further expressed that they are just this public good.  He stated that the only way one can trust this stuff is to make is open source so that they can audit the code and ensure that we are not doing anything under the covers.

Stellar expressed that starting and building a remittance business from scratch is not an easy feat.  At the Meridian, they discussed on their experience about “Scaling Remittances on Stellar.” They have covered the details of the compliance on digital payment tokens, and the Travel Rule in the process.

Meridian also clarified on why there is stigma around cryptocurrency and the blockchain despite their huge potential. 

Warren Davidson, US House of Representatives, OHIO stated that part of the reason is political.  He also stated that the enemies of cryptocurrency are the people who are looking to preserve their status quo.  He pointed to how when the internet was coming, lot of people did not realize that this idea is going to be very transformative.  He also recollected on how many people thought that this is going to be a fad.

Stellar Meridian 2020 on Dealing with Government Agencies

At the Stellar Meridian 2020, they have been discussing about what’s the biggest obstacle to working with government agencies and individuals who may or may not have experience with blockchain and crypto?

Kirstin Smith, Executive Director of Blockchain Association expressed that the biggest barrier we face when we advocate for change is that it take so long to educate people about how this works.  Once we get there they see the benefits, and they see the vision.  But it takes a lot of conversations to get there.”

Stellar Meridian 2020 on Building Liquidity

At the Stellar Meridian 2020, they have pointed to how building liquidity need not be limited to those who have the technical knowledge to implement the marketing tools.

Nikhil Saraf, Engineering Manager at the Stellar Development Foundation expressed that providing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is an easy to use tool is the key to breaking the barrier between technical and non-technical individuals.  Further stated that it should not be just developers who have access to a great tool like Kelp.  Further stated that they wanted to make it available to anyone and everyone that wants to use it.



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