Pays $ 47K Transaction Fee for $ 200 Bitcoin Transaction

He paid $ 47,000 as an address transaction fee to process $ 194 Bitcoin (BTC). This is thought to be most likely an accident.

An unidentified sender paid 2.66038352 BTC transaction fee for sending 0.01088549 Bitcoin. When he sent, the amount intended to be sent was only $ 194, while the value of the transaction fee paid exceeded $ 47,000. The identity of the unfortunate wallet owner, or whether he did this precisely with just absent mind, is not yet known.

How much would he have to pay?

Many people say that this herpes transaction fee may have been paid as a result of an accident. The sender manually adjusted the transaction fee for BTC submission, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of little distraction. He suggested that since no changes were observed in the Bitcoin transaction to Blockstream, it could be a self-made transaction.

According to BitInfoCharts, the Bitcoin average transaction fee is only 0.00025 BTC or $ 4.45. This level climbed to the highest level of 2020 in October and jumped to $ 13. Despite being the record of the year, $ 13 is still much less than $ 47,000. At the end of October, a cryptocurrency whale transferred $ 1 billion in BTC and the transaction cost was only $ 3.

Accidents that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars

This kind of misfortune has also been encountered with ETH transactions before. Just as a result of such an accident, last June, an all-time record was broken by paying a hefty fee for Ethereum transfer. A sender wanted to send $ 130 ETH and paid a $ 2.6 million transaction fee. The highest transaction fee paid for ETH, until the new million dollar record hit, was the $ 450k transaction that took place in February 2019.

These misfortunes have continued to occur in recent times. In early November, a shipper shared that during the Uniswap transaction worth $ 120, the error paid 23.5 ETH. The transaction fee paid by the unlucky sender was equivalent to 9,400 dollars at that time.

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