Craig Wright’s $ 20 Billion Bitcoin Lawsuit Is Postponed

The billion-dollar Bitcoin case between Craig Wright and the Kleiman family has been postponed to April 2021. In addition to this decision, important decisions were made on the evidence and Wright’s testimony.

The legal battle between the Kleiman family and Craig Wright for over 1.1 million Bitcoin has been postponed to April 5, 2021. 1.1 million Bitcoin is currently worth about 20 billion dollars. The Kleiman family suggests that Wright, who declared himself the true Satoshi Nakamoto, owes half of his BTC fortune to his deceased former partner, Dave Kleiman. The hearing is expected to be held on January 4, before the new date is set.

The source of this postponement decision, according to court documents, is to enable the court to make facilitated and focused decisions; It is explained as allowing both parties to transform their position at the hearing into a more planned presentation.

Details according to recent documents

In addition to the decision to postpone the hearing, the court also made several important decisions regarding the statements during the hearing. According to the published documents, Wright requested that certain messages and explanations not be presented to the jury in order to avoid unfair bias and received a positive response.

For example, Judge Reinhart’s “Dr. Wright did not seem like someone telling the truth during his testimony. “When things are in his favor, he meticulously remembers all the details, but when the water turns upside down, he shows a belligerent attitude and gives evasive answers” ​​statement will not be shared with the jury.

Also, according to court documents, Wright, Ira and Dave Kleiman are not closely tied, so even if the late Dave Kleiman deserves this money, he is preparing a defense that it should not be given to his brother Ira.

Wright’s head doesn’t survive lawsuits

Craig Wright, an Australian businessman and IT expert, who introduced himself as Satoshi Nakamoto, was also detained with journalist and podcast host Peter McCormack in 2019. Wright filed a lawsuit against McCormack, who publicly claimed he was not the real Nakamoto, and demanded compensation in excess of $ 130,000.

Peter McCormack received support from the Tether front in his trial with Wright. Stuart Heogner, senior consultant with Tether and Bitfinex, accused Wright of lying, saying they were with McCormack in the case. Wright filed a similar lawsuit against Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, but was subsequently dropped.

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