The world-famous Baba Vanga is known for his prophecies. Baba Vanga, a blind oracle who lived in Bulgaria, spent most of his life in this region and is known for his specialization in plants. Baba Vanga is also claimed to have paranormal abilities.

As the predictions made by the famous name in his time came true, people became more believing in Vanga’s statements. What if we tell you that Baba Vanga also made a guess about virtual currencies?

Baba Vanga had prophesied about virtual currencies shortly before he passed away. According to the famous oracle, there will be no physical money in 2025. Instead, invisible virtual currencies will go into circulation. According to Baba Vanga, he also claimed that virtual currencies will reach great values, and a single currency will reach 250 thousand dollars in 2021.

When looking at the crypto money market, Bitcoin is the currency with the highest probability of reaching $ 250,000. As it is already known, many crypto money analysts and investors maintain the belief that BTC will reach very high numbers. So how much will the Bitcoin price be in 2021? Will Baba Vanga be right?

Who is Father Vanga Who Makes Bitcoin Prediction?

Baba Vanga, who makes a cryptocurrency predictor, is an oracle who lived in Bulgaria. Many prophecies of Baba Vanga have come true until today. Some of these prophecies are as follows: Father Vanga said in his prediction in 1980 that Kursk would be covered with water. This prophecy of Vanga was fulfilled in August 2020, when the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk collapsed along with its entire crew. It is alleged that Baba Vanga also guessed ISIS. Baba Vanga had said that the USA would be an African-American president. He was right in his prediction with Obama.

Baba Vanga passed away in 1996.