Halloween Surprise: Bitcoin User Gives Out BTC To Trick-Or-Treaters In Canada


  • Some children received Bitcoin as treat during Halloween in Canada
  • Some of them appeared to have knowledge of what Bitcoin is
  • Bitcoin recently made a historic break after surpassing $14,000 

Brad Mills, author and partner at XSquared Ventures, decided to reward children with Bitcoin gift cards during Halloween. 

Mills said he put around $100 Bitcoin cards in his box of Halloween candy just outside of his house in Canada for trick-or-treaters. He filmed the entire affair and captured some children who were familiar with Bitcoin and some who weren’t. 

In the first video, a group of children in white costume began digging on the Halloween box and two of them found the Bitcoin card while the others were left with none. The reactions from the kids appeared to show that some of them were aware of what Bitcoin is, Cointelegraph reported.

Later on, Mills and his family gave BTC cards to a group of girls who have heard of the giveaway.

Also on the same day, Mills tweeted, “Trick or sats.” Sats refer to satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. There are 100 million satoshis in one bitcoin.

Responses to the tweets, including those from known personalities in Twitter’s cryptocurrency community, have been very positive. “Remember the days when nobody believed it was worth anything? The best way was to give them a little and wait for number-go-=up to do the rest,” said Willy Woo, an on-chain market analyst.

Bitcoin had a historic night on Halloween eve, breaking past $14,000 and reaching as high as $14,100 before closing at $13,804. Volume, however, is weaker compared to when Bitcoin broke $12,000 on Oct. 21 and $13,000 on Oct. 27. Nevertheless, it was the first time the benchmark cryptocurrency has hit that level in almost three years.

Should Bitcoin decline further from this level, NewsBTC.com pointed to the 100-hourly simple moving average (SMA) as a key level that should be supported. As long as the price of Bitcoin is above this line, the uptrend is intact and another run could likely follow.

Meanwhile, a daily close above $14,000 could catapult Bitcoin higher, initially around $14,500 and then above $15,000. The $14,000 was previously identified as a multi-year resistance that the benchmark closed at in 2017 and then tried to break in 2019. 

bitcoin-2007769_1920 Bitcoin Photo: Bitcoin

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