Making sense of the markets this week: November 2

It’s ultimately up to the investor to press those buttons to purchase the appropriate TD One Click portfolio, which is different from what happens with a robo-advisor; in that case, purchases are executed by the robo-advisor. 

The backbone of the TD GoalAssist program is that robust educational process featuring over 100 videos created specifically for the new app. Many online live learning sessions are also available on the TD learning centre. 

What’s my take? (And, yes, full disclosure, I hold TD Bank shares in my personal RRSP account.) I like this as a shareholder and as a passionate proponent of low-fee investing for Canadians. While there are trading fees for stocks, a self-directed investor can invest in a low-fee manner with a combination of individual stocks and ETFs. The key is to limit the trading activity and keep track of the total trading costs. 

Consolidation in Canada’s energy patch calls the bottom?

Just when things look like they can’t get any worse.… That may be the moment or signal that suggests that the bottom is in. Is that the case with the struggling Canadian oil and gas producers?

Oil and gas producers are laying off staff. Mergers and acquisitions are picking up speed. Investors are nowhere to be found. 

In the worst times for oil in the late 90s, we saw the merger between Exxon and Mobil, to deliver the giant we now know as ExxonMobil (XOM). The bottom of the oil market brought consolidation. 

These days, ExxonMobil is planning another wave of layoffs

Canadian companies are also beginning to consolidate as the bigger and perhaps financially stronger companies scoop up the smaller companies. The new consolidated company will then also create efficiencies by combining strengths and laying off staff. Obviously that is bad news for many employees, but it is the reality of a cyclical business sector. Moving forward, we will see companies that are “leaner and meaner.”

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