Bitcoin is stronger than stocks, enjoying purchases at a bargain price

Bitcoin’s first attempt in three years to overcome $14K failed. Sellers intensified as the first cryptocurrency approached $13,800 due to the storm on the European and U.S. stock markets. However, the larger the Bitcoin correction, the more impressive the rebound could be, as there is a clear demand for discounts.

Despite a 4% decline overnight, Bitcoin is growing by 3% over the week. The Bitcoin dominance index has also increased by more than a percentage point over the week. Thus, investors are responding to a series of positive news about investments in Bitcoin by large companies in the traditional sector. The latest was the news about $300 million investment in Bitcoin from BlockFi, which was made through Grayscale.

At the moment, market participants are expecting the upcoming expiration of $450 million in Bitcoin options on Friday. According to CoinTelegraph, the bull to bear ratio is currently 3:1. Nevertheless, the potential increase in volatility may provoke increased pressure from the least optimistic investors. If the positive news background outweighs this and Bitcoin closes the week and month near $14K, it will clear the path to $20K.

The positive scenario is also supported by the Grayscale survey, the results of which showed that 55% of interviewed U.S. investors are interested in buying Bitcoin this year. This is 19% higher than a year ago.

The two-trillion dollar support package currently under discussion is capable of reviving demand not only in the stock market but also in cryptocurrencies, which proved to be a very profitable source of diversification of savings in 2020.

As the popularity of Bitcoin grows, so does the cost of transactions. Recently one of the largest transactions worth $1.3 billion was recorded in the network (94.5K BTC) with a fee of only $3.5. However, as interest and trading volume grows, transaction fees increased on average from $3.5 to $10. Despite this, Ethereum (ETH) miners still earn more with stablecoins and DeFi. According to Messari, as of October 25, ETH miners earned $1.74 million per day, while BTC miners earned $1.54 million. Although commissions are increasing, they still cause slight confusion, as they are infinitely more profitable for users in terms of commission levels and transaction speeds in the banking sector.

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