Blockchain Innovation Challenge Application Deadline is Approaching

The Blockchain Innovation Challenge is one of the ways that ACE is working to expand on the use of technology to close communications gaps and empower workers to share their knowledge and skills with employers in the post-COVID economy. The applications deadline for this $900,000 competition is Oct. 30.

If you’re unsure of what blockchain is and how it applies to education and the workforce, ACE has developed a short paper, “Connecting the Pieces: The Benefits of Blockchain for Higher Education.” This primer explains the basics of how the technology works and offers examples of how blockchain can benefit both students and institutions. You can also check out a recent webinar, featuring ACE President Ted Mitchell and remarks from Jared Polis, governor of Colorado. The event, “Empowering Learners in Today’s Economy: Presented by the Education Blockchain Initiative,” explores how addressing issues of interoperability between education and employment is even more important now during times of increased unemployment. It’s clear that learners and workers should not have to rely on others to verify and share their skills.

The Blockchain Innovation Challenge is designed to identify solutions that harness the potential of distributed ledger technology to help these learners take control of and communicate their skills. Watch the launch event to learn more about the application and the evaluation criteria.

For questions about the Blockchain Innovation Challenge, please contact [email protected].

How to Apply to the Challenge

  •  Applications are open through Oct. 30, and may be submitted by teams that use an ecosystem-first design approach, including K-12 and higher education institutions, employers, community organizations, and/or technology providers. Find details and a link to the application at the Blockchain Innovation Challenge page.
  • Winning teams will share up to $900,000 in prize money over two phases, with Phase 1 winners awarded up to $150,000 each.
  • Phase 1 winners will be notified in December 2020.
  • Applicants are encouraged to review ACE’s recent report, “Connected Impact: Unlocking Education and Workforce Opportunity Through Blockchain,” as a resource.
  • Join the Blockchain Innovation group on ACE Engage® to share ideas, exchange knowledge with other participants, and gain access to exclusive opportunities to engage directly with the ACE Blockchain Innovation Challenge team. If you do not have an ACE Engage account, create a complimentary account here