Tomas: Where to buy cheaper excavator parts than tractorhouse (mini)

“As an expert in the excavator industry for 30 years, have been invited to the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Pakistan to exchange experience with excavator rental companies, excavator repair plants, agents, and some individual users.”

As an expert in the excavator industry for 30 years, have been invited to the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Pakistan to exchange experience with excavator rental companies, excavator repair plants, agents, and some individual users.


Tomas, As an expert in the excavator industry for 30 years, Who have been invited to the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Pakistan to exchange experience with excavator rental companies, excavator repair plants, agents, and some individual users. The followings are the most frequently asked questions:

Where to buy Komatsu parts

Is there anywhere cheaper excavator parts than tvh or tractorhouse

Hitachi excavator parts

bobcat excavator parts

Myanmar excavator parts

kobelco excavator parts

Volvo excavator parts

Doosan excavator parts

Komatsu excavator parts

Cat excavator parts

Sany excavator parts

XCMG Excavator Parts

Some of them always complain that the price of original parts from Japan, the United States, and South Korea are way too high when their machines like CAT, SANY, Hitachi, Volvo, and Komatsu excavators need repairing. For example, normal solenoid-valve costs more than 200 USD, which occupied most of the cost of our maintenance and keeps people away from the use of excavators.  Instead, they need to hire more labor to do heavy machinery work.


To solve this problem, as an expert in the excavator industry, Tomas visited various wholesale markets in Tokyo, Seoul, the United States, China, and India, and investigated countless online wholesale shopping malls for excavator parts. You know what, traveling, and researching excavator parts production base to several countries is not an easy thing to do, which took me about 4-5 years. He said: Oh gosh, who knows how much I spend on these things. This is one of my secret weapons. It allowed me to win 65% of the market for solenoid valves for excavators in Florida.

He found Nina, in a place called Zhucun in China. It is located in Guangzhou, a beautiful and modern place. It is said that this city has a history of more than 2,000 years. Maybe you will like its Canton Tower.

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He like to communicate with this girl very much. She is beautiful, diligent, and talkative. You can’t imagine that such young women would engage in the excavator business. Tomas said: I think you may like her quick responsibility. Well, if you send her a demand list for excavator parts online, then on the other side of the earth, someone will give you a comprehensive quotation within hours. What a wonderful thing.

When it comes to price, Ithave to say that it is easier to find cheaper excavator parts in China. Nina told me that it is because a large number of auto parts supply companies of Honda, Toyota, and Ford are in China. A large number of rubber seals and steel castings are also produced in China. Therefore, when excavator parts and auto parts are produced in the same factory, its production costs are shared even less. That‘s why Tomas could buy cheaper excavator parts at ( at a price 30% lower than that of an American parts company.


Tomas said: I think Trump’s dream of bringing the manufacturing industry back to the United States is about to be dashed. To produce excavator accessories of the same quality and price in the USA, you should know that this is not only a problem of a production factory but also the upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises involved in the whole production process of excavator accessories, including iron and steel plants, rubber plants, electric ferry plants, etc… If all of them are moved to the United States, what about the cost of labor in the United States? How could Trump come up with such a crazy idea!


Convid-19 in 2020 due to government restrictions on public behavior, Tomas lost some orders due to the government’s restrictions on people’s public behavior, but he still believe that the business will grow by 300%, because Nina told us today that they will add more categories of excavator accessories, including electrical appliances, hydraulic pressure, rubber, oil seal, hardware and engine. We can be the largest excavator accessories Center in China ( it.


Tomas only hired his brother and uncle as partners. They are reliable partners so that Tomas can enjoy his beach trip anytime. When you lie on the beach and you still have a bunch of customers places orders with you, you will know how important a reliable partner and a fast-responsive supplier are.

Next, Tomas plan to set up a branch company in the Cambodia,Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam, because there are a large number of excavators working there. The excavators that have worked in the United States and Japan for 20 years have been sold to these places, and they have started their work of moving the earth, a lot of house and road construction tasks. Tomas said: Trust me, the growth of excavator parts there will exceed your imagination.


As a developing country, Cambodia’s economic development has been relatively slow due to historical factors. However, in recent years, the economy has developed rapidly, with an annual economic growth of 7%.

The four pillars of the Cambodian economy are tourism, processing (clothing), construction, and agriculture. Excavators are precisely the rigid demand products of construction and agriculture.

Tomas have found some on Wikipedia ( that the World Trade Organization’s published per capita GDP for Cambodia is 1560 USD. Most of them can only afford second-hand excavators at present. Tomas said:My friends have all repaired the second-hand excavators they eliminated in Japan and the United States then sold them to Cambodia. Therefore, excavator parts have a very good market growth space in Cambodia.


If you need some data on the excavator market in addition to Cambodia, you can go to the following two websites:

Wikipedia data about countries in the world:

The population data, economic data, import and export data of all countries in the world compiled by the United States CIA. After reading it, you will have a better understanding of the operation of the world:

There’s a great market of excavator industry in Southeast Asian countries but also some annoying problems. Excavators being stolen is a common occurrence. Since the excavator does not operate at night, some thieves would choose to steal the main parts of the excavator at night. Sometimes the oil pump was stolen and sometimes the display screen was removed.


Tomas said: A ridiculous thing is that one day the computer pump control board and the throttle motor of my excavator were gone, with a note saying that 1000 USD was required and dealt at a designated place. They even know how to collect payments in Bitcoin. Thank god, it’s fortunate that my brother will help me do business in these countries, otherwise, I will go crazy.

Besides these, sometimes, Environmental Sanitation Department is also a problem for you. The most common problem with second-hand excavators is that the vehicle will be chugging when you accelerate and the smoke pipe emits thick black smoke. If you don’t take it seriously, the problem is not only that the machine will be slow, but people from Environmental Sanitation Department will come up to issue a ticket and will not be allowed to start work.


Fortunately, Nina solved the problem with an Excavator Magicoder. This small black box can directly replace the computer control board (CAT, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, Hyundai, etc.). It even replaces the display of your excavator. When they removed the old computer control board and replaced it with the excavator Magicoder, soon second-hand excavator changed the situation of lack of energy, slow movement, and black smoke. Now, Tomas’s Komatsu Pc220 is like a new one, working efficiently to build our home every day. Compared to replacing other accessories or cleaning the oil circuit, it is really much cheaper. This is a magical excavator Magicoder, I really love it, Tomas said.

Tomas: Don’t let the price ruin your reputation in the industry.

Finally, Tomas said: I have to remind everyone that there are also many products that are too cheap in China. You know, what we need is good quality cheap, not lower quality standards. You can communicate directly with Nina (Facebook: Nina Yangu) and give the most appropriate quotation. Don’t let the price ruin your reputation in the industry.

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