Atari Set To Make Console Comeback Complete With Crypto Currency Payment System

Retailers could soon be selling a new console alongside the Xbox and PS5 with Atari set to get back into the console market which they pioneered 30 years ago.

The US gaming Company that created the likes of Pac Man is also jumping headfirst into cryptocurrency market with the introduction of a digital currency called Atari Token, which users will be able to use to buy games on its new Atari VCS gaming system.

The original retro look is also back with Atari claiming that the tokens will sell for 25 cents a pop beginning Oct. 29 on the Exchange.

According to Bloomberg Atari is aiming to sell 4 million of them.

Though they will initially only be used to buy games and for in-game purchases on its console, the hope is that the token will eventually be used throughout gaming.

The VCS, which was first announced in 2017, will be released the same month as Sony’s new PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. But despite the top-tier competition, CEO Frederic Chesnais said Atari will be able to make a splash.

“We have a brand, we have a following — we think we are going to get some attention in any case,” Chesnais told Bloomberg.

The console will be offered as part of a bundle that includes 100 classic games, as well as two controllers, for around A$490.

The VCS has a retro look and feel, will run on a Linux-based operating system and promises “a full PC experience for the TV” that can handle streaming, apps, social media, web browsing and music, Atari said.

At this stage it’s not known who will sell the new console or who will distribute the product in Australia.

Many years ago, I had the honour of launching the first Atari and Activision products sold in Australia.

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