The emergence of Bitcoin, along with the newer cryptocurrencies (Altcoins— the general term for the rest of them collectively), has been the talk of the town since 2009. More than a decade later, financial analysts are still boggled by the scale it has reached, and how it continues to be of value as a deflationary asset. 

The same is true of Bitcoin trading and investing. There’s still a good deal of discovery and study about the two which are yet to be mastered. Even the best bitcoin trader in the world (if such a person exists— and we’ll tell you now that there’s one such human being or even a group of them) will admit that the Bitcoin sphere isn’t fully conquered the way we have an understanding of equities and fixed income, for instance. Stocks and bonds, respectively. 

At least, not at the moment. Bitcoin apps are being developed here and there, each one trying to compete with the other in terms of efficiency and capacity in trading language. Here’s why we went ahead and studied one of them— the Bitcoin Loophole. The name sounds sketchy and is probably why people are doubtful of its authenticity and what it can do. 

Rest assured, we’ve come to a verdict, so take a look at the insidebitcoins review below. 

Bitcoin Loophole: What Is It? 

Bitcoin Loophole is a software that’s utilized for the purpose of bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies. It can function as both a manual trader as well an auto-trader. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with convenience through this app. 

How Does It Work? 

To oversimplify it (also, the process itself isn’t as complicated as one might think), trading bitcoins is similar to conventional exchanges. The buy and sell scenario is the same on bitcoin platforms. 

The digital market of cryptocurrencies is open to any user. Or, to use BTC jargon, it allows both “makers” (sellers) and “takers” (buyers) to conduct their business independently. Just like how a brokerage works, bitcoins can be deposited through means such as wire transfer, bank transfer, and a number of other similar methods. 

Though transaction with bitcoins is technically free of charge, users pay said banks and platforms for the operation of transfers, etc. At the same time, international transmissions also charge conversion fees, the way regular bank-to-bank international transfers do. 

But just to clarify this, said charges are all explicated as that of entities outside bitcoin platforms themselves. The dealings that transpire with bitcoins as the currency (rather, cryptocurrency) are of no cost. Again, you will only have to recompense for services done outside this sphere, such as the fees and charges mentioned above. 

Bitcoin Pricing

Bitcoins are limited in number. Due to this, they are considered volatile and attractive assets (digital, tangible assets that are deflationary in nature). As more and more people see the value of bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general, and as the number of bitcoin users increases especially now that such assets prove stable against inflation, the price of bitcoin strengthens by the day. 

Being a decentralized currency is what motivates investors to keep their eye on bitcoins even if it still is, as compared to other conventional forms of assets, quite new. Add to that the fact that bitcoin investment, just like any other type of investment, has its own risks. Price shifts can be sudden and unexpected. They’re never predictable and they can occur during any time within the day. 

Bitcoin Pricing Variables: Supply And Market Cap

The two major variables that “move” bitcoin pricing are Market Cap and Supply. The first talks about the perceived value of bitcoin along with the perceived value of the market itself. By way of illustration, analysts say that the COVID-19 pandemic turned investment wheels as investors began pouring their attention towards decentralized currencies like bitcoin. 

Imbalances in the economic scale make centralized currencies and inflationary tangible assets very vulnerable. If an economy stumbles a few steps back, currency will follow suit, making their value be diminished. On the other hand, bitcoins are unaffected by economic instability. Thus, its market cap or perceived value has increased tenfold during this situation. Even better, it may continue to climb up after the world conquers COVID because people will be more keen to invest in decentralized currencies. 

Bitcoin Loophole Review 

Going back to Bitcoin Loophole, is it a scam? Or is it worth your while and your investment? Some key factors that made us turn the green light on for this new software are as follows. One of them is that trading features and all other transactions are completely transparent. Bitcoin Loophole gives users full visibility on how their investments are doing, where their bitcoins are going, etc. 

And in the world of investment and trading, transparency is frequently among the main elements that determine security. You’ll be able to take a look at the auto trading platform on your own, and very conveniently, might we add. Everything will literally be presented on your screen. Price, open time, current rate, stop loss rate, etc. All of these are accessible on Bitcoin Loophole. 

Secondly, trading preferences. Being that you can switch from auto trading to manual trading implies that the user is still the final decision-maker with regards to his or her bitcoin investments. Should you feel the need to stop auto trading and bring the reins back in your hands, that won’t be a problem at all. 

Third, upon registering, you will be given the choice to try out the demo version or to immediately begin cryptocurrency trading. This is an important feature as it equates to Bitcoin Loophole showing you what the software offers before you start trading. Like a trial period, if we may call it that. 

Don’t be surprised if you will be required to put down a deposit. After all, that’s how investments work. It’s amusing how negative influencers complain about this component. It’s “investment”. Of course deposits will be warranted. 

That said, you can check what the minimum is and decide if you’re ready to hop into the investment realm or not. But trust us when we say that once you understand how Bitcoin Loophole can help you with your bitcoin investments, you’ll want to hit start right away.

Roberto Azarcon

Roberto has worked in the personal finance field for 20 years, particularly in the areas of financial planning.

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