Swisscom has released the updated Swiss Fintech Startup Map for October 2020, providing updates on the fintech landscape in the region.

For this month, the nine new Swiss fintech startups have made their way onto the map are; Aisot, flov technologies, FlowBank, Findependent, Centi, Bittrex Global, Ubitec, LiquidityHub and iLoy Solutions.


Aisot (“AISignals and Operations in Trading”) develops algorithms for data analytics and predictive analytics. The company aims to help take better data-driven trade and investment decisions by providing customers with innovative and accurate predictions for their needs.

flov technologies

Flov technologies is a Swiss asset management company with focus on quantitative investment strategies in digital assets, with a vision of a global peer-to-peer marketplace that utilizes distributed ledger technology as a settlement infrastructure.


FlowBank is Swiss digital native online bank providing customers with the best online investment and trading tools, FINMA banking license.


Findependent has developed an investment solution that educates about investing, informs transparently about all generated income and fees and makes the benefits of financial markets accessible for everyone. With their investment-app, you can save cleverly for your goals and dreams, decide every quarter about the use of the generated net income and manage your investment solution conveniently via your smartphone.


The bitcoin technology allows Centi to make the payment experience multi-lateral and provide real value-add solutions which will be much more than just another payment option.

Bittrex Global

Bittrex Global is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset trading platform developed for international customers and built with its cutting-edge technology.


Ubitec is a specialist for digital solutions in the finance and insurance sector.

LiquidityHub (Previously known as Adamant Lane)

LiquidityHub delivers fully integrated services for the global financial supply-chain community – always customised to teh customer’s needs, flexible-service based for modular use and 100% compliant.

iLoy Solutions

iLoy creates next-generation platform technology for loyalty, CRM and Payment systems using rule-based methodologies and AI/predictive Analytics.

2020 swiss fintech map oct

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