Motus GI Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:MOTS) was the recipient of a significant decline in short interest in the month of September. As of September 15th, there was short interest totalling 428,900 shares, a decline of 10.1% from the August 31st total of 476,900 shares. Currently, 1.6% of the company’s stock are short sold. Based on an average daily trading volume, of 86,700 shares, the short-interest ratio is currently 4.9 days.

Shares of NASDAQ MOTS opened at $0.96 on Monday. The business’s 50 day moving average price is $1.02 and its two-hundred day moving average price is $1.06. The company has a market cap of $27.70 million, a PE ratio of -1.27 and a beta of 2.74. Motus GI has a twelve month low of $0.46 and a twelve month high of $2.85.

Motus GI (NASDAQ:MOTS) last announced its quarterly earnings results on Tuesday, August 11th. The company reported ($0.15) earnings per share for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of ($0.21) by $0.06. Motus GI had a negative return on equity of 139.08% and a negative net margin of 16,834.35%. Equities analysts forecast that Motus GI will post -0.62 EPS for the current fiscal year.

MOTS has been the topic of several recent analyst reports. Alliance Global Partners upped their price target on Motus GI from $1.65 to $2.60 and gave the company a “buy” rating in a research report on Wednesday, September 9th. HC Wainwright reaffirmed a “buy” rating and set a $3.00 price target on shares of Motus GI in a report on Tuesday, June 16th. Colliers Secur. reaffirmed a “buy” rating on shares of Motus GI in a report on Wednesday, August 12th. Oppenheimer reaffirmed a “buy” rating and set a $2.50 price target on shares of Motus GI in a report on Wednesday, August 12th. Finally, Zacks Investment Research cut Motus GI from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating in a report on Tuesday, August 18th. One analyst has rated the stock with a hold rating and four have assigned a buy rating to the company. The company currently has a consensus rating of “Buy” and an average target price of $2.47.

Motus GI Company Profile

Motus GI Holdings, Inc operates as a medical technology company to enhance the endoscopy outcomes and experiences in the United States and Israel. It focuses on the development and commercialization of the Pure-Vu system to enhance the colonoscopy experience and assist in the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer and other diseases of the rectum and colon.

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