Next week’s Bermuda Blockchain and Sustainability Symposium will aim to shine a light on how digital-asset technology can strengthen some of the island’s key industries.

Some of the speakers for the October 12 and 13 event, which will kick off Bermuda Technology Week have been announced by Penrose and Partners, the blockchain-focused consulting firm that is presenting the symposium, which will kick off Bermuda Tech Week.

“Top industry leaders will be discussing innovations across the blockchain and digital asset market, and how these innovations are vital for the growth of key Bermudian industries such as insurance, sustainability and fintech,” Penrose said in a statement.

Featured speakers include serial crypto adviser and investor Michael Terpin of Transform Group, fintech specialist Aqsa Zubair of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, digital-asset innovator Darren Wolfberg of Blockchain Triangle and Bermuda technology leader Kevin Richards, of Bermuda Asset Management.

The symposium will include an introduction from a variety of Penrose’s partners next Monday.

On Tuesday, October 13, Penrose will be hosting a pitch competition for entrepreneurs in the blockchain space in partnership with premier angel and entrepreneur network, BitAngels.

Contestants hoping to throw their hat into the ring or investors looking to gain insights into the next wave of innovation should e-mail for more information.

On the event webpage, Penrose states: “The goal of the Bermuda Blockchain Symposium is to highlight key international blockchain businesses that have identified opportunity in Bermuda’s blockchain and digital asset friendly regime.

“We believe it is crucial for international blockchain businesses to continue building a strong presence in Bermuda. It is integral we advance mutually beneficial opportunities between international innovators and local Bermudian stakeholders identified in previous missions such as The Canadian Technology Summit and Bermuda Tech Week 2019.

“In addition to establishing partnerships, blockchain education will be a key theme for the symposium. Penrose Partners will be working closely with various partners to present on how blockchain and digital assets can add value to the Bermudian asset management and insurance markets while accelerating the growth of Bermuda’s sustainability and CleanTech industry.”

For more information, visit the symposium’s website at