The Chicago Bears have broken out to a 3-0 record in somewhat unlikely fashion. They could be 0-3 with break or two going the other way. But they have already made a change at quarterback. BetOnline customers will have to evaluate the effect of that, as the Bears take on the Indianapolis Colts at Soldier Field. Game time is 1 PM ET, and it will be televised by CBS.

It’s easy for a lot of people to say that Nick Foles, who led the bears to a 20-point fourth quarter to beat Atlanta 30-26 last weekend, was always the easy choice over Mitchell Trubisky to be the Chicago Bears’ quarterback. I’m sure that management and the coaching staff wanted to give Trubisky every opportunity to win the job and keep it. But at the same time, they had also spent some money on Foles, because they wanted him available just in case a situation like this arose.

Foles obviously comes with credentials, but the most important thing about him may be the fact that he knows the run-pass option cold. So there was no need for him to go through any lengthy orientation.

And there is no need for the Bears to have to rely exclusively on defense to keep them in a ballgame. The absence of Tarik Cohen is a blow, because let’s face it – the Bears don’t have a heck of a lot of weapons. But the Colts don’t come off as enough of a complete entity to be laying points here.

Or do they?

Here are the NFL betting odds that have been posted at BetOnline:

Indianapolis Colts -2.5
Chicago Bears +2.5

Over 43 points -110
Under 43 points -110

When you take a close look at it, Indianapolis has some very interesting metrics. For one thing, they have not been held to a three-and-out yet. Not once, in three games. But at the same time that is unbelievably strange, because while there are only ten teams with more first downs per game, they have only converted 30%, which is the worst percentage in the league.

Philip Rivers has exhibited pinpoint accuracy, completing 78% of his passes. So he’s been great when he is not throwing the ball to the other team. The Colts have benefited from the best field position in the league.

It is true that Indy has not faced very good teams thus far. Indy blew it against Jacksonville when Rivers gave the ball away too much. They trampled the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, who are sliding, but what must be understood is that they took care of business against those teams the way a good team SHOULD take care of business against them. Defensively, they shut both of those teams down pretty good.

And while we realize the Bears are pretty formidable defensively, especially up front, you could do a lot worse than have the Colts’ offensive line working against them.

Foles could be the right choice for Chicago and coach Matt Nagy. He is capable of performing under pressure, as we know by now. But we also know that his career has been dotted with inconsistency. And he does not have a lot of offensive weaponry to work with. Rivers’ completion numbers may not show an attack that is explosive down the field, but there is clearly something going right in the design he and Frank Reich have come up with.

We liked the look of the Colts before the season got started. They are the better team out there, and yes, we’ll lay the points.

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