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Zoolou1 wrote: You are mixing up the POG in US$ and CAN$.
POG today is at 2,513.95CAN$. You must compare CAN$ with CAN$, not US$.
KL share price has always been the worse lagger of its peers.
This is why I sold all my KL and bought NEM some time ago.


Kl only became a lagger when it bought the costly per oz of gold DGC low
grade but dependable mining for more than a decade open pit gold mine,

Which became less of a concern as the price of gold per oz rose, yet still the
DGC arm of KL and KL as a whole, are not getting the respect they should.

The market is still looking at the cost per oz of gold to mine DGC open pit and
not the spread on the price of gold per oz that has increased making DGC more
attractive. And increasingly so as the gold price rise resumes in the future as
it will.

That has kept the relative price of KL low.

However that’s why I am many have bought more KL cheaply than NEM
expensively. Certainly now, anyway !!!!

You’re right Peeps. NEM trades at almost 40 x earnings; KL at 16.5. I expect good results next week from KL, and that should make share price look a bit better. (NOTE, ABX trades at about 11 x earnings). 

   Fish, over the past 12 months, Barrick hasn’t broken $0.25 EPS per qtr! This means less than $1 for the year! This suggests a multiple of about 40 or similar to NEM. I see this 11x on the CNBC website. Go there and click on Barrick’s earnings and you’ll see that I’m correct. This really pisses me off as I suspect a lot of dumb INVESTORS ???? look at that P/E ratio and think, WOW, why buy KL at 16.5 multiple when I can get Barrick which is 50% better on an P/E ratio valuation!
   Agnico has a multiple of almost 67 P/E! Ridiculously overvalued compared to Kirkland!
   Maybe MPG can clarify that CNBC information, since he’s invested in Barrick! The question for you MPG is why does their website (CNBC’S) show $2.50 earnings and a P/E ratio of 11, when they didn’t even break a buck (in earnings) in the prior year and that’s confirmed if you visit Barrick’s website itself!
  Gad!! Maybe Warren is one of those dumb investors??

Cnbc is incorrect 52, as is TD which also shows 11x TTM. Trailer Twelve Months. Kl is cheap on a pe ratio. Abx gets a premium due to reserves, liquidity, risk (many more mines), etc. As does nem. Strange how different companies and sectors trade. Like bitcoin. The greater fool determines the price.