RSK Truffle boxes: a fast way to build a dApp in a hackathon


90 minutes

Brief overview of the workshop:

This workshop is a step-by-step hands on to know the RSK Truffle boxes and

learn how to use them to create a full dApp very quickly.

What the participants will learn:

Unbox an RSK Truffle box

Configure a web wallet

Deploy a smart contract on RSK’s Testnet using Truffle

Use Truffle test

Run the frontend which is already in the box

Interact with your dApp!

List of prior reading materials for participants that will help them prepare for the workshop:




About Solange Gueiros:

Solange is a Blockchain (architecture and development) expert, focused in Bitcoin, Ethereum and smart contracts, gives lectures, courses and consultancy. Solange has worked in systems, projects and databases for over 20 years and she is also a trader, investing in the stock and cryptocurrencies exchanges since 2011, with experience in exchanges and bots.

Academic background in Computer Science and Pedagogy at the University of São Paulo, Brazil completes the technical and didactic side. In the past years she has been travelling around the world to learn about Blockchain or in Brazil to teach in her own country.

She was a speaker in many conferences in Brazil and in the world, like Spain, Chile, Uruguay, USA and Japan and won awards at hackathons in New York and Berlin in 2019 and Denver in 2020. In 2020 she was listed in Cointelegraph Brazil top 50, the list of the most important and influential people in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Brazil. https://cointelegraph.com.br/top-people-in-crypto-and-blockchain/solange-gueiros

About Post Covid Hack:

The COVID-19 crisis side-effects risk erasing decades of the progress of poverty alleviation and social impact initiatives while widening the income, gender, and digital divide. Unemployment, job precarity, and credit default rates are rising. We need to act now to accelerate the economic and social recovery process, reduce the post-COVID risks, and start building a society now which is better equipped for the “new normal”.

The Post COVID Hack hosted by Indorse and Coinsilium with our headline sponsor IOVlabs will create a bridge between hidden talents and teams and blockchain companies. The global hackathon, therefore, provides a platform to establish long term relationships and partnerships within the industry, further product and user adoption and develop incredible technologies.


The hack is split into two tracks, the Socio-economic Inclusion track, which includes use cases but not limited to such as Social ID & Reputation, Impact Investment & Crowdlending, Community Currency Issuance and Community Wallets. The second track is an Open Track, with use cases around Health, Gamification and Privacy & Security.

Partners / Stakeholders:

Many partners including IOVlabs, Blockchain for Humanity, Government of Gibraltar, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, the National Innovation Agency of Thailand, Kucoin, Mischon de Raya, as well as a number of blockchain societies from leading universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London, University College of London, King’s College London plus many more are supporting the Post COVID Hack initiative.