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In the words of Henry Hazlitt, “Economics is haunted by more fallacies than any other study known to man. This is no accident.”

The Mises Institute exists to set the record straight. Economics shouldn’t be left to “experts” with Ivy League degrees serving in government agencies. It is a subject for everyone. One that exposes the schemes of ambitious politicians and would-be tyrants everywhere.

This is what made Ron Paul so dangerous to the political class. He dared his supporters to not only follow him, but to learn on their own. He exposed the Fed for the sham that it is, he called out the military-industrial complex for prioritizing government contractors over national security, and he never let the people forget that every dollar spent by Washington was a dollar taken from us.

This is why we’re excited to offer The Dollar Dilemma as our free gift for Fall Campaign donors.

This booklet is Dr. Paul at his best, an uncompromising attack on the Fed and the damage its policies have done to America—and the world. Whether one is on the right or the left—the Fed’s role in rewarding Wall Street at the expense of average Americans is one of the greatest scandals in modern American history.

In The Dollar Dilemma, Dr. Paul not only exposes the dollar bubble that has been growing for decades, but considers what a world would look like should it collapse. What role could nonpoliticized alternatives like gold, Bitcoin, and crypto play? This book has something for longtime fans of Dr. Paul, and is the perfect introduction for friends and family who are just now starting to take notice.

For decades, Ron Paul and the Mises Institute stood alone in calling out the Fed’s scam. Our work directly inspired the creation of Bitcoin, the growth of crypto, state efforts to legalize gold and silver currency, and even stopping bad Federal Reserve nominees.

The truth is powerful, so long as people are willing to speak out. Join us (or renew your Membership) today. Every donor who gives $5 per month or a single gift of $60 or more will receive The Dollar Dilemma by Ron Paul.

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