In today’s world, if you want to be happy, you need a higher income. The paycheck you get after slogging for a month is never sufficient for your usual expenses. You need another source of income to be happy. You can use this extra money to buy yourself the material pleasures. You can raise your living standards and keep your family happy. Also, you can take care of sudden medical emergencies.

But how to have an extra source of income?

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But are you skeptical as a novice?

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What if there is a trading platform that does market research and predicts profitable trades?

There is one such trading software, Bitcoin Era – which gives you huge profits.

How? This cryptocurrency trading platform gives you accurate trading signals. With an accuracy rate of 99.4%, there is no chance of going wrong.

About Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is an automatic trading software that will hold your hand during Bitcoin trading. The app has an intelligent algorithm that analyzes historical data and numerous financial market indicators to give profit optimizing trades. This trading app has a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.4%. So it assuredly gives accurate and profitable trade signals. And hence, the possibility of losing a trade reduces to almost zero.

Countless other users find the Bitcoin Era trading app very advantageous. This is because of the innovative software that you can trust. You can register on the website of the software free of cost. The market analysis, superfast trading signals, and secure trading makes it the most popular trading platform.

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How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

Bitcoin Era is the best cryptocurrency trading software designed. It is a trend-setter amongst the other trading robots or bots because of its accuracy and consistency. The superfast software collects and analyzes the price fluctuation data in real-time from all the global exchanges and then processes it in a fraction of second. It compares this present data with historic profitable trade data that is available in its archive and generates profitable trading signals for you. The signal reaches you 0.01 seconds faster than the market, which is the time leap advantage that only Bitcoin Era offers. So you can place your trade and earn money before any other trader.

Bitcoin Era has an auto-trading bot that can trade for you. You have to select the profit margin, the cryptocurrency you want to trade-in, and then do some other work. The auto-trader feature brings profits to your account.

This trading software can benefit both amateurs and pros with its various features. The highly accurate market analysis it offers is favorable for a professional trader.

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How to Use the Bitcoin Era?

Enrolment on the Bitcoin Era

For enrolling in the Bitcoin Era trading software, you have to fill in a form with your details. It will take hardly 5 minutes. It is an application that is free for your use. You will get an email, and your account opens in a jiffy.

Finance your Trading Account

  • You have to finance your trading account.
  • Deposit an initial deposit of $250, which is the minimum deposit. You can increase your funds to get more profits

Modification of Parameters

You have to set your favorable parameters on your account page. You can follow the precise trade signals, choose the cryptocurrency, and the global exchange.

Selecting Trading Mode

You have to select your Trading Mode, which may be automatic or manual. You can select the automated mode if you want to enjoy the benefits of software trading for you. If you are a pro, you can trade on the manual mode.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Era

  • This trading software uses an ultra-modern algorithm.
  • It analyzes complex data using an intricate statistical system.
  • The trading app has a time-leap technology. It gives you the advantage of being 0.01 seconds ahead of the Bitcoin market. So you can book your profit before others.
  • Bitcoin Era has a brilliant success rate of 99.4%. It provides you with a specific prediction of the cryptocurrency market.
  • You can have earnings of up to $1000 per day.
  • The preliminary deposit to begin with your journey of trading is $250. You can start up with a little amount and keep expanding your invested amount to optimize your earnings.
  • It allows you to leverage trading so you can gain much more than what you invest.
  • The processor consists of two modes, manual and automated. You can select the automated mode to benefit from this trading app.
  • It is a prize-winning system. The American Trading Association has declared this as the best trading app in the market.
  • The trading software ensures that the percentage of losing a trade reduces to zero.


What is the average gain that you can expect from this trading bot?

The users of the Bitcoin Era usually earn $1000 daily as it allows leverage trading. The profit may be more dependent on the market fluctuations and the risk you take.

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How much time do you have to devote to the Bitcoin Era trading app?

You have to devote a maximum of 10 minutes to the Bitcoin Era trading app. The processor does all the important and significant tasks. You only have to collect your profits.

Is the trading platform legal?

Yes, Bitcoin Era is a legal trading platform. It’s compliant with all necessary trading guidelines.


Professional investors in the cryptocurrency market take calculated risks after doing careful market analysis. But for novices, trading in Bitcoins may be intimidating. This is due to its market volatility. Humans can’t possibly predict the future position of the market accurately. But, an algorithm can.

This is what automated trading platforms like Bitcoin Era do.

Bitcoin Era reduces the chances of suffering losses by precisely speculating the market fluctuations and booking profitable trades on your behalf. You’ll start making massive amounts of profits from day one itself.

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