Valarhash Introduces Mining Machine Hosting Service

CHENGDU, CHINA, Sep 30, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Valarhash, a one-stop digital asset service platform, announced that the company is now opening mining machine hosting services to the world.

Valarhash, a one-stop digital asset service platform, has made official announcements for mining machine hosting services to be made available. The platform provides mining services, including miner sales, hosting miners, mining pool service, and mining farm building technical support. The Chengdu-based company, led by their CEO Fiona Lv, comprises a team with extensive experience in mining, and aims to provide users with transparent and beneficial mining plans using advanced technology, at a lower barrier of entry.

The new mining machine hosting services at Valarhash includes mining power capacities of 100MW in hydropower and 100MW in thermal power. The mining machines supported in the hosting services include the Antminer S17 series, the Whatsminer M20 series, the Whatsminer M30 series, the GPU graphics machine, the Antminer T19 series, and the highly sought after Antminer S19 series. There is a minimum of 100 hosting machines for this plan and it is available while stocks last. The electricity bill calculated seasonally between the flooding season with prices at about 0.04 USD (0.25 RMB) per unit, and for off-season prices at around 0.05-0.06 USD (0.35-0.4 RMB) per unit. An annual fee of approximately less than 0.05 USD (0.31 RMB) per unit of electricity will also be charged. Electricity prices and machine prices may fluctuate due to factors such as changes in the market and the weather. To apply, users simply need to register on the company website and a representative will be in touch.

Since 2013, Valarhash members have been involved in mining construction, but official business operations commenced in July 2019, with several products launched, including 1THash bitcoin mining pool and mining products linked to 9% of the Bitcoin hash rate. The business operations of Valarhash business covers hardware research and development, digital asset transactions, and hash power contract sharing of 1TMine, to name a few.

Valarhash has introduced a data center interaction system based on network thinking, integrating the ecologies of hash power and enhancing the transparency of digital asset management. 4 types of services to help the users build their own data center. They offer miner hosting service in 9 global data centers in the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, and Southeast Asia, among others. They also offer a mining pool platform services,, and provide professional technical support as a miner and hash rates provider. Besides that, Valarhash provides tech support for mining farms and have been building scaled mining farms in China. At present, they are now the biggest miner agent, running over 100,000 new-model miners.

For more information, please visit their official website.

About Valarhash

Valarhash is a group company which integrates mining machine sales, miner hosting, mining pool and mine construction services. The company integrates frontier resources with global vision, links the physical world and the digital world with blockchain technology; it sits in the leading position in the computing market industry.

Based in the leading data center of the world, by integrating the resource advantages of the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Southeast Asia and shared by all through the construction of other regions, Valarhash covers many fields, including hardware equipment research and development, digital asset trading, computing power contract transactions among others. The interact system based on the IoT (Internet of Things) is introduced to realize the ecological integration of computing power and the transparency of digital assets.

As an enabler and promoter of the era of wisdom, Valarhash has been committed to building a digital age shared by all through the construction of ecological platforms and collaborative innovation with all partners from its inception.

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