There is less than 12% of Bitcoin left in the world to mine

As of today, more than 18.5M BTC has been mined, leaving slightly less than 2.5M BTC left to be mined. This means that of the total supply of bitcoin, more than 88% has been mined. Remember, bitcoin has a hard supply of 21million. As the supple dwindles, and institutional demand strengthens, we’re gonna see a short squeeze in the price of BTC as corporations leap over themselves trying to get their hands on however many coins they can get.


div aria-hidden=”true” class=”wp-block-spacer”> MicroStrategy goes all in on Bitcoin as its macro strategy We’ve just started to see this come into play, as MicroStrategy adopts bitcoin as their primary treasury reserve asset, buying up 38,250 BTC over the course of a couple of months between August and September 2020. They had been looking to re-allocate around USD$500M from cash into other assets, and essentially piled over 80% into Bitcoin. <amp-ad width=”100vw”


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