Recently, bitcoin became of the common payment methods in the world. Its popularity has significantly grown in the last few years and the reason behind it is clearly the advantages over traditional payment methods. It’s no longer considered unusual to pay the restaurant’s bill with bitcoins, receive flight reimbursement in bitcoins, and many other things that we do in our everyday life. No strange faces when you mention that you’re going to the ATM to exchange your bitcoins in dollars, or vice versa. The fact that bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that doesn’t involve any third parties between the buyer and the seller, which is a great advantage over conventional payment methods in the world.

Bitcoins and Wallet Apps

However, some things remain unclear, like for example where you can store bitcoins. It’s interesting to see what the answer to this question would be since you can’t keep them in banks or other financial institutions simply because it’s a digital currency that can’t be touched or put in a money box. The answer is simple. Bitcoin users can either use the existing virtual wallets or create one themselves online. This wallet app allows customers to buy or sell bitcoins, and other bitcoin transactions. This e-wallet keeps the secret key that you need to enter the bitcoin address.

Indeed, there are several bitcoin wallet types that offer different levels of security. However, the increased popularity of mobile phones makes bitcoin wallet apps even more accessible to bitcoin users. Thanks to PHP technology, bitcoin wallet apps don’t need authorities’ supervision or intermediary banks. Actually, bitcoin transactions are very safe.

This is another reason why to consider using a bitcoin wallet app. International transactions happen within minutes and the whole procedure is very simple because of well-known facts about bitcoins. There aren’t any transaction fees or restrictions on the amount of transfer. The high level of transparency and the authenticity procedure that allows a certain group of people or several people that includes a multi-people signature option.

Bitcoin Wallet App Types

Bitcoin wallets are divided into four types: online, hardware, mobile, and desktop bitcoin wallet. All of them can easily be managed on all Android and iOS devices. The desktop version of the bitcoin wallet app was created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself. The thick and thin versions are different in the way they handle bitcoins. The thick version requires clients to download the whole blockchain, while the thin version deals with bitcoins through third-parties.

The website version is the most user-friendly and users can enter it using their private key. Mobile wallets can be managed using your smartphone. The printed bitcoin wallet is a document that contains two keys: public and private. To sum it up, mobile app wallets are the best version and all you need to is to create one to use your bitcoin anytime you want.

Bitcoin wallet app development is not that hard as one would think. To help you synchronize the wallet with blockchain, you can take advantage of free libraries. There are many easy to use bitcoin libraries, such as the BitcoinJ SDK that allows users to connect with the official Bitcoin network, access to MainNet, and there is no need to register. These libraries allow you to create a wallet with a password-encrypted system. However, using the standard libraries have its disadvantages as well.

They surely won’t meet everybody’s needs, so it’s a good idea to consider professional help. No matter what you make your mind upon, there are some basic steps to follow to complete bitcoin wallet app development. They are blockchain synchronization, the process of creating the bitcoin wallet app, giving permission for receiving and sending bitcoins, and setting programs to control online transactions.

Bitcoin Wallet Apps Customization

Inexperienced app developers will find this process hard. So, when your business doesn’t need a multifunctional wallet app because ready-to-use services will do the trick. Amazon is one of the users of these services and it has proven a successful way to build a bitcoin wallet. BitPOS is a very convenient payment technology for virtual purchases. It also helps users manage bitcoin transactions online or using mob apps. Those doing USD transactions all the time can take advantage of the Coinbase system because it has a very user-friendly navigation system. By customizing these services, bitcoin users can easily manage their online bitcoin transactions, manage mob app payments, and many other features.

However, these services won’t meet big companies’ needs. They are appropriate only for small businesses. Big branched companies need a more serious approach towards developing bitcoin wallet apps. A more personalized mobile bitcoin wallet app will fulfill the specific requirements of big companies. Hiring an expert company that will work on it and a team of professionals that know how to handle this situation.