Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Bitcoin, Ripple & Ethereum – Asian Wrap 1 Oct

Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC remains sluggish, yet solid

The premier cryptocurrency remains limbo as it trends between $10,825 and the SMA 20 curve. While the MACD shows sustained bullish momentum, it seems unlikely that the buyers will be able to push the price above the $11,075 resistance line and the SMA 50 curve.

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP sits at a critical point to determine its future

The month of September hasn’t been the greatest for the cross-border currency. XRP lost roughly $3 billion in market capitalization over the past month. The digital asset currently stands at a crucial point that will determine its short-term future.

Ethereum continues to reign the DeFi market, but TRON’s network activity skyrockets

After the total DeFi market capitalization exploded, surpassing $15 billion, several prominent projects announced the launch of their own DeFi products. TRON was one of the most recent ones to join the DeFi craze with SUN Genesis mining.

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