Protokol launches to lower the barriers to entry for enterprise blockchain adoption

Following Crypto AM’s piece on new enterprise blockchain provider Protokol last month, the business is fully launching to the enterprise market today. Protokol creates and delivers tailored blockchain solutions that solve real business challenges quickly and effectively, enabling enterprises from a range of different industries to enhance their digital transformation strategies and open up new business streams to boost revenue opportunities.

Much of the team behind Protokol come from ARK, a leading blockchain platform which, along with a dedicated community of developers, has spent years, building a wide variety of different solutions for developers, projects and businesses around the world. The team quickly recognised that there was a gap in the market for an enterprise blockchain provider which could simplify blockchain offerings for enterprises, removing the complexity and the barriers to entry which have hindered mainstream adoption of the technology so far. As a result, they decided to create Protokol. The company is founded on one key principle: simplicity. It aims to help businesses truly understand and leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, guiding them every step of the way from strategy, to development, to ROI.

Lars Rensing, CEO of Protokol and Co-Founder of ARK, told City AM exclusively: “We spent three years battle-testing the ARK platform in an open-source environment before we decided that the technology was enterprise-ready. With Protokol we’re now able to leverage this technology to offer a suite of services and solutions that solve real business challenges and deliver real value. The platform is not only enterprise-grade, but is also interoperable and adaptable, with clean code powering easy-to-use solutions, making integration into existing enterprise infrastructure much faster and significantly more simple.”

Protokol offers solutions across the whole blockchain development lifecycle, from digital advisory for those seeking to prepare for transformation and future-proof their business, to strategic blockchain consulting services and custom blockchain development, to upskilling in-house teams, maintenance, scaling and support. Rather than creating standalone blockchain solutions that replace existing enterprise structure entirely, Protokol’s technology is designed to integrate with the infrastructure, applications and processes organisations already have in place. This minimises waste and disruption and means that blockchain implementation becomes far simpler and more streamlined, making ROI realistic rather than future gazing. 

Rensing continued: “Blockchain technology can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean using it has to be. We work to ensure our clients truly understand and benefit from our blockchain solutions. This ranges from blockchain consultancy, to digital advisory, so going into a business in the early stages and helping them to understand where blockchain might fit into their wider digital strategy. This allows us to reduce the uncertainty and barriers to entry surrounding blockchain,and implement solutions for our clients that really address the challenges in their business; enabling them to drive efficiencies, improve profitability and remain competitive.”

Following years of intensive research and development, blockchain technology is now in a position to finally deliver business value at scale. While the financial industry has certainly been a frontrunner in adopting blockchain technology, other industries are beginning to catch up.The sports industry, in particular, is a key area which needs to innovate during the current crisis. Covid-19 is impacting long-reliable sources of revenue for clubs such as tickets, concessions, merchandise and in some cases sponsorship deals, which has led clubs to become more creative and look for new ways to engage their fans and broaden their offerings. We saw this last week with SS Lazio’s announcement that it is partnering with a crypto trading platform to allow the club to boost fan engagement through unique giveaways. 

Rensing commented: This is just the tip of the iceberg of what clubs can achieve with blockchain technology. Beyond tickets, giveaways and private tours, the tech can be used in a variety of innovative ways to engage and monetize fans. Such as creating digital collectibles, generating fan tokens that allow supporters to buy merchandise, unlock exclusive experiences, vote on decisions or even invest in their clubs; not to mention blockchain-powered loyalty programs that overcome a number of the challenges of traditional loyalty programs while rewarding fans for engaging with sponsors or performing revenue-generating behaviour. 

“As new technology emerges, the definition of what it means to be a ‘fan’ is changing, and digital-native fans are demanding new ways of engaging with their teams — outside of live events. Clubs who can understand the opportunities that blockchain technology can unlock as part of their wider digital transformation initiatives, and get ahead of the curve, stand to reap the rewards of increased fan loyalty and even open up new revenue streams, while those who hesitate risk being left behind.”

Protokol has identified a number of other key industries where blockchain can add the most value and impact. Industries such as telecoms, manufacturing, supply chain, energy & utilities, IoT and media & entertainment, stand to benefit from efficiency gains, cost reductions, enhanced data security and even increased profitability by including blockchain in their broader digital strategies. 

Protokol is empowering global enterprises to solve real business challenges and future-proof their business through the power of custom blockchain solutions. All about simplicity, our streamlined approach makes integrating blockchain into your business easy.

We combine the flexible and interoperable ARK Core blockchain platform with expert-led services, to translate complex blockchain technology into effective business outcomes. Our custom solutions deliver real value for our clients by increasing efficiency, improving cost effectiveness and enabling the creation of new value networks.

By taking an end-to-end approach, capable of covering everything from conception to installation, maintenance and scaling, we make implementation easy for our clients, so they can focus on other business critical tasks while knowing that they’re in safe hands.

Protokol’s blockchain experts are now available for consultations on where blockchain can add the most value in your enterprise. To book a consultation with our blockchain experts to explore how to unlock your full digital potential, visit:

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