How Trading Your Gift cards For Naira Has Been Made Simpler- GCBUYING

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The CEO and management team of the Finance and Communication Technology Company, GCBUYING have introduced new measures to facilitate easy trade and access of the web trading app in the recent September update. In the words of the CEO, “As everyone knows, technology and the internet are ever dynamic. Every breath we draw, the digital space is constantly evolving, as a result we plan to evolve with it. This has led us to introduce new key features that place customers’ interests on a higher pedestal”.

The GCBUYING brand have been in existence for quite some time and their reputation for being one of the topmost web applications to trade gift cards and bitcoins for naira is undisputed. The update which recently rolled out, will allow customers to create an account on the digital space where they can save up money gotten from gift card trades in GCBUYING which is of course withdrawable at one’s convenience. Customers can also carry out bitcoin trades and sell virtually every gift card on their account, withdrawable in naira to their bank accounts.

This is a great improvement and has in fact set a pace for others to catch up to. Fingers crossed as we await further updates along the way.

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Phone number: 07048161101

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