TTC Foundation: TTC Blockchain Becomes Maro, Aiming to Rebrand its Global Strategy

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 22,2020 / TTC Blockchain, a blockchain solution designs for mass adoption found in 2018, have announced today that they have renamed their brand name as “Maro”, which means ” ocean” in Esperanto, symbolizing lifeful, stable, tolerant, open, and cooperative, aiming to promote further connection and cooperation with its new innovative technology.

“We have been developing, building, and producing various services that anyone can utilize and benefits from. We now provide scalable blockchain infrastructure, mobile wallet apps, a Defi solution, and more. We hope to further this effort to bring about better solutions and services which can impact every corner of this world. ” said the founder and CEO of Maro, Brian Cheong.

Maro – Connect and Cooperate for Prosperity

Maro ( aims to build an infrastructure that seamlessly connects billions to the global economy market, which provides an efficient easy-to-use platform for value exchange and secure financial service for global citizens.

The whole Maro ecosystem consists of Maro blockchain, Acron protocol, and Tigris Protocol, by combining these services together, users in Maro can work, pay, save, and invest within the ecosystem. Through this, the growth of the entire ecosystem can be accelerated and anyone can benefit from regardless of roles.

Acorn protocol as a value economy network protocol, providing a value exchange platform for worldwide users, its new launch App “WorkBox” is designed for anyone to connect to the job market and work as long as they have internet.

Meanwhile, ByteBridge as a data product under Maro, provides enterprises with efficient global cooperation opportunities in data services, allowing people to collaborate quickly and efficiently around the world at a very low cost. The perfect collaboration between WorkBox and ByteBridge can effectively link users and jobs together around the world, not only giving full play to users’ value but also help enterprises increase efficiencies.

Tigris protocol is a secure and efficient decentralized finance solution, providing services in trading, savings, loaning, and value-added services. Its existence allows users in the Maro ecosystem to invest or take loans after receiving payment from work, and this will not only increase the payment efficiency but also make financial infrastructure accessible to everyone in the world.

Currently, Maro is working to optimize the overall functionality of the Tigris protocol, and will soon launch a real-time exchange service to make services more naturally connected, which could pave the way for more types of DAPP to join the Maro ecosystem.

Maro Sets Sail to Connect you to the Future

No matter how small the value created by users, everyone who joins the Maro ecosystem can realize value creation. Maro’s vision is to connect and cooperate with people to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world. So that everyone can gain the resources needed to help realize their dreams.

Company Name: Maro
Contact: Maro Support
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 010 – 53673971


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