More couples, hearts and bearded figures join the emoji family

The Unicode Consortium has just validated a list of 217 new emojis that will be gradually deployed throughout 2021, according to the publishers.

While the majority are variations of existing emojis, this year’s new emojis feature a heart on fire, another that is mending, an exhaling face, a face in the clouds, a head with spiral eyes, an asexual person and a bearded woman.

The variants concern couples shown with a heart, both heterosexual and homosexual, in all possible combinations according to their skin colour. In fact, all couples will soon be able to recognise themselves and associate themselves with a dedicated emoji. It is up to Google, Apple and others to now give them the look they want and to deploy them gradually.

Among the requests for emojis that have still not been fulfilled are acne, Bitcoin, Belgian beer and yogurt. – AFP Relaxnews

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