Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction: Bitcoin, Aave & Ethereum – Asian Wrap 23 Sep

Top 3 Coins Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple: BTC enters a consolidation period

The realized correlation between Bitcoin and gold has reached a one-year high, according to Skew. The strengthening correlation between the two assets could indicate that more investors are viewing BTC as a store of value. Gold has historically been perceived as a safe-haven asset and a go-to store of value in a fight against inflation.

Aave Price Analysis: LEND consolidates inside symmetrical triangle

LEND’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has increased from $1.17B to $1.23B over the last 24 hours. The amount of COMP tokens held by whales has gone up from 580.25M to 613.70M, as of press time. Aave enjoyed the third-highest increase in total value locked (TVL) in the top ten of the DeFi Pulse rankings.

Ethereum Market Update: Whales keep their positions despite declining prices

It looks like Ethereum whales are on the move. Santiment, the cryptocurrency behavior analytics platform, noted that the top 100 Ethereum non-exchange addresses, aka whales, now hold 27.85M ETH combined. The total value locked up in DeFi contracts has jumped from $6.30B to $9.56B over the last 24 hours.

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