Computing: The Dfinity Decentralized Internet Computer

By Dick Weisinger

Dfinity has created a project called ‘The Internet Computer’ which is a decentralized and non-proprietary network that developers can use as an alternative to proprietary platforms.

Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist at Dfinity, said that “big tech has hijacked the internet and stifled innovation by owning the proprietary infrastructure and user relationships. As a result, a handful of for-profit companies have created a monopolistic and closed internet. The Internet Computer provides a means to rebuild internet services in open form. The Internet Computer is conceived as an alternative to the $3.8 trillion legacy IT stack, and empowers the next generation of developers to build a new breed of tamper-proof enterprise software systems and open internet services. We are democratizing software development.”

The Internet Computer uses a serverless architecture that allows software and services to be natively hosted without the need to use proprietary cloud services. It uses a programming language called Motoko.

A spokesperson for Dfinity said that “while DFINITY is not building a traditional blockchain/smart contract platform, it uses advanced cryptography in its consensus layer [of the Internet Computer stack] to ensure apps and workloads have the same security guarantees as Bitcoin or Ethereum, but its network of independent data centers ensures the speed and scale required by corporates and entrepreneurs.”

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