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NVZN Token

NVZN TokenNVZN Token
NVZN Token
NVZN Token

Houston, USA, Sept. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — INVIZION – one of the first blockchain and crypto related projects discussed at the United Nations Global Compact on the 22nd of September, is excited to announce the next major step in their vision of making the world a cleaner, greener and better place. The project will be opening doors to investors through their digital asset listing on BITXMI Exchange.

A big aspect of Environmental change relies on waste management. And to successfully achieve this change would need community support and involvement. Hence, Incentivizing the blockchain community into investing in the green energy space has been an important aspect for the team at Invizion. NVZN’s aims to achieve this by providing crypto enthusiasts with a token that has an immense real-life use case: revolutionizing the way in which our society at large deals with waste.

The current method of waste tracking is not only outdated: it’s dangerous. Since the semi-manual tracking of waste is faulty and vulnerable to human mistakes and ill-will, waste often ends up in landfills. From there, toxic chemicals find their way into drinking water, and ultimately, into our bodies. The problem is real and it affects us all. 

INVIZION makes the waste tracking process fair and transparent by replacing the human element with smart contracts. When waste is produced, it is given a certificate of origin with the use of NVZN Tokens, and from there, the entire lifecycle of a batch of waste can be easily and efficiently tracked on the blockchain. The extent in which applying blockchain technology can improve waste tracking is immense: all suppliers, orders, invoices, shipments, quality checks and so on, everything can be easily recorded with smart contracts. The blockchain that chronicles waste’s lifecycle can be independently audited, but cannot be forged or tampered with in any way. 

A sophisticated project like Invizion, requires a respectable exchange to partner with. Hence, the team at Invizion decided to list NVZN Tokens on BITXMI exchange, where cryptocurrency and environmental enthusiasts can participate in the solutions to make our planet a better place. Bitxmi was founded in 2018 and is one of the most secure global digital asset exchanges for users to trade on. The platform consists of cold storage wallets, multiple servers, and high levels of security through KYC, Sanctions checks, AML, Tracking chargebacks, and so on. 

NVZN Token is not a mere collectible: it’s a digital asset with an important real-life use case. NVZN holders will be empowered to actively take part in delivering a groundbreaking waste tracking technology to the world and follow progress in real time. INVIZION will not only keep users up to date through their website and social media, but also supply live video feed from operation sites. Holders of the NVZN tokens will be able to follow the entire process from start to the end, and see for themselves how industrial waste is being processed into green energy in a revolutionary process that produces no harmful byproducts.

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Company Name – NVZN token
Website URL – https://nvzntoken.com/
Email – Marketing@nvzntoken.com


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