Creative and Cultural Experts Launch a Curated Networking Platform

Wakim Zeidan, a cultural and communication expert, Azza Alhassan, a content and knowledge manager and Abdallah Elchami, a cultural and communication expert, are proud to unveil Silverline community, a platform that harnesses the power of curated networking within the creative and cultural industries. The new platform offers personalised recommendations of members – beyond algorithm-based suggestions – to help members of different industries and interest build their own networks. 

Silverline community building relies on human insights collected by its experts who play a key role in bringing together expertise from around the world. The platform offers members the opportunity to engage in conversations with others, request help and/or advice on projects, pitch entrepreneurial concepts, and most importantly it aims at finding solutions and implementation methods to pressing issues in the creative and cultural industries in this day and time. Silverline’s community members are invited to engage in debates, online meetings, problem-solving workshops, polls and more that fall under their own areas of expertise and/or interest.

Commenting on the launch, the Silverline Community hosts, said: <Silverline was the birth child of the COVID-19 pandemic. A strong need to have a community of peers was needed to support a creative professional through those challenging times. We believe this need of cross-border networking will remain beyond the pandemic and will grow with technology being more and more integrated in our life>.

Joining Silverline’s community starts with selecting the free trial plan on, followed by a welcoming message by one of the three hosts (Wakim, Azza, or Abdallah). They will reach out to new members via the network’s inbox to schedule a zoom call in order to get a better understanding of their expertise and what they are looking to gain from Silverline. Members can opt out of the zoom call option and can continue chatting with the host via the platform’s inbox.  Additionally, members can create and manage their own communities on Silverline through reaching out to [email protected].  

Moreover, Silverline offers a low cost and efficient service to protect the contributor’s files. Through Blockchain IP Protection, contributors are able to create a blockchain based trail of records to prove ownership of their work. After uploading their files, and with a click of a button, contributors will be issued three certificates when sharing files, namely: a bitcoin certificate, and digital EU and Chinese timestamp certificates that can be attached to licensing agreements, contracts and NDA’s. It is worth mentioning that all certificates are admissible in courts.

The Silverline Community hosts, added: <Trust was a critical sentiment that we needed to address on our platform. People were willing to collaborate and share their creations but trust hindered that. We believe that the IP protection platform via blockchain will be the future of IP, and with its easy interface and cost-efficient approach to certification, creatives can protect what they create as they create it and safely share it with their peers for feedback or to collaborate on common projects, creating a trusting online environment.>.

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