Slandered on Twitter, doctor files defamation complaint

Vadodara: After he complained of being cheated by a popular gym owner and his associates, Dr Devang Shah, city-based gastroenterologist and endoscopist, has now filed a defamation complaint with Cyber Crime police station.
Although Dr Shah had given a complaint on August 4, police registered an offence under section 499 (defamation) of Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act on Friday.
Dr Shah alleged that a Twitter account – Cyber Leaks India – had tweeted his email address along with four others’ mentioning these addresses to be involved in child pornography and involved in bitcoin trading through dark web networks.
The Twitter handle tagged President of India, Prime Minister’s Officer, Gujarat chief minister’s office, Vadodara city police in various tweets and also tweeted that it has evidence of such wrongdoings and can expose the owners of these email addresses.
Shah told cops that the Twitter account was activated in July and through a local news video on Facebook he also learnt that the Twitter account is being operated through a virtual private network (VPN) and is based in Lyon city of France.
“The complainant has no enmity with anyone. It is possible that he has been targeted because of a litigation and a legal dispute which started in January,” said Shah’s advocate Hitesh Gupta. Police officials said that they are investigating the case through all viewpoints including his business rivalry or personal enmity among others.
On September 1 too, Shah had registered a complaint of cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy against the owner of Alivez Gym and Fitness Centre, Kailash Jadhav and his wife Vinita Patil and associates Nilam Mir, Sanjay Haliyal and Ketan Bhatt. He had alleged that the gym owner and other accused had cheated him of lakhs of rupees by forging his signature for obtaining loans.

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